Inbound Processes & Activites

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In manage inbound shipments page receiving agents and warehouse managers can edit or cancel shipments and view ASNs (advance shipment notices) and ASBNs (advance shipment billing notices).


Receiving agents and warehouse managers can select an individual shipment to be transferred to the Edit Shipment page, where they can work on all shipment lines in a shipment at one time, or drill down into a specific shipment line on the Edit Shipment Details page.


Canceling Inbound Shipments


You can cancel inbound shipment lines or entire inbound shipments prior to receiving the material into the warehouse. Important points to consider when canceling inbound shipments include:

Lines eligible for cancellation
You can cancel any shipment line that has not been received. If a shipment line has been partially received, you cannot cancel the line.
Cancellation of the entire shipment versus cancellation of shipment line
You can cancel one or more lines of a shipment, or you can cancel the entire shipment. If you cancel all lines on a shipment, the entire shipment is canceled.
Ramifications of canceling an inbound shipment
If you cancel a shipment line, it will not be available for receiving against the shipment. If you cancel a shipment, the entire shipment will not be available for receiving.

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