Movement Request

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Movement requests are requests for the movement of material within an inventory organization such as a warehouse or facility. Oracle cloud allows you to create different type of movement requests such as

Requisition movement requests : Requisition movement requests are manually created, and can be used for subinventory transfers and account issues. Once a movement request has been submitted, the movement request is ready to be sourced and transacted.



Replenishment movement requests : Replenishment movement requests are requests that are generated by min-max planning to replenish material when a minimum quantity for a specific item is reached.


Shop floor movement requests :  Shop floor movement requests are requests to perform replenishment for components needed for manufacturing and maintenance work orders. Shop floor movement requests move materials either to WIP supply locations or directly to the work order from the warehouse locations.


You can manually create a requisition movement request on the Manage Movement Requests page.


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