Webservice to create Requisition in Oracle Apps

We have a VMS (Vendor Management System) built using Peoplesoft. We have customers who are using Oracle EBS, who login to our system in several ways. we are now trying to implement Oracle EBS and our customers integrating the data into their system. One way is iProc which is straight forward.

The second method is the customers are going to login to our system and they want to integrate the data into their system.

I would like to know if we have a webservice in EBS, which can consume data from Peoplesoft and create requisitions in EBS.

Integration from PeopleSoft to Oracle Apps --> In short, this is what we are looking for.


Sorry, Didn’t get the question correctly...you said you are implementing oracle i.e moving from pepolesoft to oracle then which system you want integrate with oracle.

Anyway for B2B you can check out the features available in oracle exchange.

Fusion middleware is always an option to integrate disparate systems.

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