Planned Order is coming with (Forecast + sales order)

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Planned Order is coming with (Forecast + sales order) ,

Because of this a huge planned order is shown

Forecast 100
Sales order 50

system is launching plan like this

planned order demand 150
Planned Order - 150

Pls help me

Please be more specific
what is the requirement & what u expect from planning engine

enable consumption if you want planned order demand to be 100

if you want to derive orders only from SO then use a demand time fence

Open the item in item master
navigate to MPS/MRP palnning tab
Select the forecast control as consume & derive

hi thank you for the update,

Its allready defines as consume and derive, and system is showing planned order as ( forecast + sales order)

If you are using consumption the total demand & thus the planned orders should be same till demand time fence

ex On 1st Jan for Week 3
forecast = 100
Sales = 0
Total demand = 100

On 8th Jan for Week 2 (previous week3)
forecast = 100 - after consumption 60
Sales = 40
Total demand = 100

On 15th Jan for active Week (under demand time fence)
forecast = 100 - after consumption 20
Sales = 80
Total demand = 80

Are you on ASCP/MRP ?

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