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I 've done the basic setups for EAM in a new test instance. I created a PMS and a work order. I am able to make resource trnx against the WO but system is not showing the WO in material trx window.

The WIP supply type is PUSH and the Job is in released status.

Can any one please help.

S Pal

Have you done the basic WIP setups like WIP Parameter for that organization

Yes all the setups of WIP are complete.
Infact I am able to transact all the JOBs in WIP module created in EAM module.

Its looks quite weird to me. Why I need to do the transactions in WIP when I am creating the JOBS in EAM?

Is it the standatd intend functionality?

No its not standrad. The menu you are using in EAM needs to be changed.

You need to assign the correct submenu from which you are able to do the transaction

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