retained earnings in oracle 11i

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How the retained earnings are calculated in oracle. Is it yearly or there is way to make it monthly. I know question of monthly might looks stupid but I want to know if it’s possible or not.

Retained earnings are always calculated for a year, after the year end and it’s a YTD value should be same for all the periods in a year

Thanks, I know what you mean but I wanted to ask something else
Let me explain with an ex.
Calendar year is from JAN – DEC
Retained earnings for 2009 : 10M
Retained earnings for 2010 : 11M
Retained earnings for 2011 : 12M

In the mid of 2012 another entity is merged to this one & few journals with a different BS are entered to the system. We create an FSG which combines this new BS with old BSs.

We expect the retained earnings should be the sum of both the retained earnings but its not. So am I wrong with my logic or oracle handles it differently

No your logic is not wrong. Your retained earnings after Y11 are 12M.

If you create a journal for a PL account in an old period then oracle ‘ll automatically update the retained earnings

Check the account values for one month in the account inquiry form and see which journals are impacting it that would give you good idea about the discrepancies

I can see the right amounts in account inquiry.
So oracle is calculating the retained earnings correctly. The issue was with the FSG

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