Depriciation error

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WHile running the deprciation the account generation process is failing with below message.

This is a new books and accounts are almost same for all.

Request ID: 156416108
Number of successes: 1190
Number of failures: 86
Module Generate Accounts ended with error

FA account generator issue. Are you standard account generator or any custom one

Change the profile option to FA: Print Debug
and check the log file.

Thanks. I did the same and now the log file is showing the below message.

The complete log file is a huge one but its showing only four asset numbers. The depriciation assets for all those accounts are correct. System is showing an account 4TDX-0000-67701003-000-0000-000
in the log file. we have not used this account for any depriciation or acc depriciation account

Processing Distribution ID: 260001
Account Generator failed to generate a new code combination:
Account Type: REV_AMORT
Book: US CORP01
Distribution ID: 260001
Concatenated Segments: 4TDX-0000-67701003-000-0000-000

Cause: The code combination for the generated segment does not exist and cannot be created because it would contain invalid segment values or because it has been disabled.

Action: Please review the following message for a detailed explanation of why the account could not be generated.

When you run depreciation system tries to generate many different accounts as per your book & category setup.

The issue seems to be with Revaluation amortization account. The account system creating is violating your business rule (most probably CVR). Try to disable the revaluation for this asset book and the run the deprecation.

Revaluation amortization is not required for us. I unchecked it from the asset corporate book & now the depriciation is working fine.


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