FRM-40654 : Record has been...

FRM-40654 : Record has been updated. Requery block to see change.

I am getting the above error while trying to update the PO promise date. I thought the date is updated but after requering I found its not.

I closed the form and even tried after logging out of the system but no results

Any one has faced this error before, please help


Mostly its caused by table locking.

just check if some one else is working on the same record and ask the person to close the form.

There are many methods to find out the table locking
Next you can unlock /or ask the DBA to unlock the record. Personally I feel comforatble in just copying that a PO to a new one & cancelling the old one. It take few sconds.

select distinct
a.sid "waiting sid"
, d.sql_text "waiting SQL"
, a.ROW_WAIT_OBJ# "locked object"
, a.BLOCKING_SESSION "blocking sid"
, c.sql_text "SQL from blocking session"
from v$session a, v$active_session_history b, v$sql c, v$sql d
where a.event='enq: TX - row lock contention'
and a.sql_id=d.sql_id
and a.blocking_session=b.session_id
and c.sql_id=b.sql_id


I am facing the same issue.
Did you get any resolution

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