Non Labor Costing

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Every usage item you charge to a project must specify the non–labor resource utilized and the non–labor resource organization that owns the resource. When defining your non–labor resources, you can choose only expenditure types with the Usage expenditure type class.

Defining Non-Labor Resources

Note : A single expenditure type (print) can many different resources (color printer & bw printer) but the reverse is not possible.

1. In the Non–Labor Resources window enter a name, description, effective date(s), and a usage expenditure type for each non–labor resource your organization owns.
2. For each non–labor resource you define, enter the organization(s) to which the resource is assigned in the Organizations region. Enter the effective dates during which the resource is owned by each organization. The organizations you enter can include any organization from your organization hierarchy, regardless of whether the organization has the Expenditure Organization classification, and regardless of the start and end dates for the organization.
3. If you want to override the cost rate of the expenditure type by the resource and organization combination, choose the Cost Rates button and enter the cost rate and its efective date(s) in the Cost Rates Overrides window.
4. Save your work.

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