Batching Transactions for Bills Receivable

Use the Bills Receivable Transaction Batches window or the Bills Receivable Batch Creation concurrent program to select and group transactions to exchange for bills receivable. Batching transactions lets you automatically generate bills receivable and assign transactions marked with bills receivable creation payment methods to the bills.

When you submit a batch, Receivables runs the Bills Receivable Batch Creation concurrent program and prints the Automatic Transactions Batch report. The Automatic Transactions Batch report lists the bills receivable created from the batch and the transactions assigned to each bill. You can both print the report and submit the batch, or only print the report for review before submitting the batch. When you submit the batch, you can also print bills receivable if:

  • the bills receivable transaction type assigned to the batch source is for bills that require acceptance,
  • the transaction type contains a format program

You cannot assign disputed transactions or other bills receivable to a bill using a bills receivable batch. If you are batching debit and credit memos with the payment term Immediate, Receivables includes these debit and credit memos in the first available bill receivable, without regard to the due date grouping rule assigned to the bill.

Numbering Bills Receivable Transactions
If only one transaction is exchanged for a bill receivable, then Receivables uses the transaction number as the bill number if:
• The Inherit Transaction Number box is checked for the bills receivable creation payment method assigned to the exchanged transaction, and
• The transaction number is not already used by another transaction with the same batch source as the bill receivable.
If the Inherit Transaction Number box is not checked, or if the bill contains more than one transaction, then Receivables numbers bills receivable transactions according to the transaction batch source assigned to the batch.

Ordinarily, a bills receivable transaction batch source has the Automatic Transaction Numbering box checked. If you are using document sequences and the Copy Document to Transaction Number box is checked, then Receivables uses the document sequence number assigned to the bill as the bill receivable number.

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