1.4 Service Business Processes

A Business Process is a group of Service Activities created with a view to restricting Service Activity availability. A Business Process supports the charge lines that the line of business in your organization can utilize, such as, Depot Repair.

Use the Service Business Process window to define your Business Process and associate Service Activities with it. Ensure that the Depot Repair check box is selected when setting up the Business Process. For a particular Business Process, the selected flag check boxes indicate the modules (Service Request, Field Service, Depot Repair) in which this Business Process can be used.

To Define Service Business Processes:
1. Open the Service Business Process window using the following navigation path:
Service Request > Setup > Charges > Service Business Process.
2. Enter the appropriate value in the Name and Description fields.
3. Select the Depot Repair check box.
You can also optionally select any of the other check boxes for the applications (Service Request, Field Service) where you want this Business Process to be visible.
4. Enter the Effective Dates for the Business Process if you want the Business Process to be used only for a limited time.
5. In the Service Activities region, select the Service Activity you want to associate with the Business Process.
6. Save your work, and exit the Service Business Process window.

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