1.3 Service Activities

A Service Activity is a business operation, such as Replacement or Return for Repair. Each Service Activity is classified as either an Order or a Return - this is specified by its Line Category.
A Service Activity has a one to many relationship with Service Activity Billing Type. A Service Activity Billing Type, for example, Advanced Exchange: Material, is an intersection between Service Activity Advanced Exchange and Billing Type Material.

The Service Activity Billing Type is linked to an Oracle Order Management Order Type and Line Type for each operating unit. Oracle Order Management Order and Line Types are associated with Service Activities that are assigned to Repair Types in Oracle Depot Repair. When a user chooses a Repair Type, these Order and Line Types determine the processing of charge lines (RMA, Ship, Estimate) for a Repair Order.

Oracle Order Management provides seeded Workflow process definitions for both orders and lines. It enables you to define both order header and order line Service Activities. The seeded Service Activities that Order Management provides are, however, not mapped by default.

A Service Activity is operating unit-specific. The Line Category is set at transaction level to prevent the use of a single Service Activity as an order in one operating unit and a return in another.

The Order Management Header & Line Types region is used to specify the organization, header type, and line type - in the Operating Unit, Order Type, and Line Type fields respectively - to be used when a charge line is submitted to Order Management. These values are used to retrieve an Order Management header type and line type from the setup while submitting the order.

1. In the Related Billing Types region, select the appropriate Billing Type to be associated with the Service Activity you are creating.

2. Select the Depot Repair Quantity Update checkbox to update the depot inventory. Only Service Activities with Depot Repair Quantity Update check box selected will be displayed in the Service Activity list of values in the Logistics tab in the Repair Types window.

3. Leave the OM Interface check box selected (the default value). This setting means the customer can be billed for charges for this activity.

4. Select the No Charge flag checkbox if you do not want to charge the customer for this Service Activity.
Please note that an estimate or actuals line is discounted based on the contract associated with the Repair Order only if the Service Activity Billing Type of the estimate or actuals line is also set up for the contract. The Service Activity Billing Type of the estimate or actuals line is determined based on the Repair Type for the Repair Order, and the Billing Type for the estimate or actuals line item.

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