Accounts/Effectivities Subtab

Select one of the following from the Line Type list of values (LOV) depending on the contract category:
• For a service contract of category Service Agreement or Subscription Agreement, select Service.
• For a service contract of category Warranty and Extended Warranty, select Extended Warranty.

2. Select the service from the Name LOV, which comprises all services that your organization offers. You must select a service that is applicable to what you are covering. Because you select the service first and what it covers later, the application informs you of a wrong choice only after you enter the items that you are covering.

3. Enter billing and shipping contacts that are specific to this contract line by following the procedure 
described in Entering Billing and Shipping Contacts for a Contract


1. You can review the status of the line. Lines on entered status contracts can be individually canceled if you elect not to purchase the service during contract negotiation. Leaving a line on the contract and canceling it rather than removing it from the contract provides more visibility to lost opportunity for new and renewal contracts. When a line is canceled, the application records the cancellation date and reason.

2. By default, the start and end dates of the service and duration are copied from the
contract header.
You can specify a different duration by:
• Clicking Coterminate to end the service line on a day that is preferred by the customer.
This button is enabled only in contracts with a status of Entered for customers to simplify renewals by terminating all contracts on the same day each year, for example at the end of the calendar or fiscal years. This date is called the cotermination date.

Entering either of the following:
• Start and end dates
• Duration and period

3. If the contract can be renewed (you have not selected Do Not Renew on the Summary tab and Renewals subtab), then specify how the line is to be renewed using the Renewal Type LOV.

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