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Hello Appsguru,
                               I am working on R121.1 version and i am facing issue in dropshipment order like sales order qty for dropship order is 4 and po is generated like 4qty now my client requirement is like partial receipt qty while receiving transaction like only 1qty received but i am not able to achieve this .
             Receiving Transaction Processor is facing error message.

Please help me in above subject.

Ankur Modi.

There is no reason why the system won’t allow you to receive the partial quantity.

What is the error message ???

Is the RTP is online if yes change it to batch mode
Do the receiving and then manually run the RTP
It might work

Check the status of the profile ‘TP:INV Transaction processing’ . If its online / Immediate..change it to background at the user level.

Next run the Receiving Transaction Processor (RTP) manually.

If it gets erred out then see the log file.

Post the log

No Error message but receiving transaction processor is continuesly running means process will not stopped like warning or error message.

Ankur Modi.

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