Creating Events

Oracle Applications Fusion Cloud - Manufacturing

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Use the Event Details window to enter and review events for a project or top task. Examples of events include an invoice reduction, a performance bonus, revenue write–off, or adjusting revenue. You can also change the bill hold status of an event using these windows. For transactions that involve foreign currencies, all amounts displayed in the Event windows are shown in the event transaction currency.

Events can be entered in any currency when multi–currency is enabled for the associated project. The currency in which the event is entered or created is called the event transaction currency. Oracle Projects uses the currency conversion attributes stored for each event to convert revenue and invoice amounts for manually entered and automatically created events from the event transaction currency to the project functional, project currency, and the funding currency.

Adjusting Revenue Events

You can enter adjusting revenue events when you enable the Adjusting Revenue checkbox in the Event Details window.
Note: The Adjusting Revenue checkbox can be enabled only for Manual Event Types.

Entering adjusting revenue events allows you to adjust revenue for a project without reopening the project  ccounting period. Adjusting revenue amounts do not have an effect on invoicing. Therefore, you cannot enter a value in the Bill Amount field for these events.

After you have adjusted and regenerated revenue in Oracle Projects, submit the PRC: Interface Revenue to General Ledger process t o interface the adjusted revenue amounts to General Ledger.
Note: The revenue generation process assigns sequential revenue numbers to the draft revenue as it is generated. When adjusting events are entered for a project, a gap in numbering can occur when revenue is deleted and regenerated.

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