Asset Location

Track Asset Location According To Your Needs
Define the location flexfield to fit the way you track your asset locations. Use the location flexfield to track the physical location of your assets. For example, if you do business internationally (or plan to do so in the future), you may want to track the country an asset is in.

Other segments you may want include are state, city, and site. If you track asset location to more detail, such as for barcoding, you can also add segments for building and room number.

Location Flexfield Structure
You define your location flexfield structure to fit the specific needs of your organization. You choose the number of segments, the length of each segment, and the name and order of each segment in your location flexfield. You must define a state segment and you can also define up to six other location segments.

Property Tax Reporting
You can run the Property Tax Report for your states. The Property Tax Report sorts your assets by the location segment with the state qualifier set to Yes.

Mass Transfer By Location
You can transfer assets that share location information as a group. Or you can use the location as a criterion to select assets to transfer between employees or general ledger expense accounts.

You must have exactly one State segment in your Location Flexfield. Oracle Assets uses the State segment for property tax reporting.

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