Asset Key Flexfield

Oracle Assets uses the asset key flexfield to group your assets by non–financial information. You design your asset key flexfield to record the information you want. Then you group your assets by asset key so you can find them without an asset number.

Group Assets According To Your Needs
Use the asset key flexfield to group your assets. Group your assets according to non–financial information. You can assign the same asset key to many assets to easily find similar assets. All Oracle Assets transaction forms allow you to query using the asset key, and help you find your assets without an asset number.

Asset Key Flexfield Structure
You define your asset key flexfield structure to fit the specific needs of your organization. You choose the number of segments, the length of each segment, and the name and order of each segment in your asset key flexfield. You can define up to ten asset key segments. This key flexfield supports only one structure.

Not Using The Asset Key Flexfield
If you choose not to track assets using the asset key, you must define at least one segment asset key flexfield without validation.

You decide to use a two segment asset key flexfield. A typical asset key  combination might be  ENGINE.MODELNO.MANUFACTURER. To set up your asset key flexfield you must set up value sets, enable your segments, and enter valid segment values.

First, use the Value Set windows to set up a value set for each segment. For example, you create the value sets Project and Component. Then use the Key Flexfield Segments window to enable your segments. Enter each segment and the value set for validation in the Segments window.

Now use the Segment Values windows to enter the valid values for each asset key segment. For example, you enter JET 10 as a valid value for the Project segment. Now, when you enter an asset, you can specify JET 10.ENGINE as the asset key. Since you checked Allow Dynamic Inserts, Oracle Assets creates the combination for you if it doesn’t already exist. Or you can create the combination explicitly in the Define Asset Key Flexfield Combinations form.

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