Oracle Collaborative Planning

Oracle Collaborative Planning provides advanced capabilities for communicating, planning, and optimizing supply and demand information for trading partners across the supply chain. Oracle Collaborative Planning enables you to reduce inventory levels, improve visibility across your supply chain, increase the speed of information and materials, and promise delivery more accurately.

The following image depicts how Oracle Collaborative Planning works  between you, your customers and your suppliers:

Oracle Collaborative Planning integrates with Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning, Oracle Demand Planning, and Oracle iSupplier Portal for a complete supply chain solution. You also can integrate Oracle Collaborative Planning with legacy ERP systems or use it as a standalone product.
Through integration, Oracle Collaborative Planning enables you to:

  • Use data collections to acquire setup data from ERP legacy systems (items, customers, suppliers, users, company associations)
  • Use data collections to access execution data, such as purchase orders and sales orders
  • Publish order forecasts from Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning to your suppliers in Oracle Collaborative Planning
  • Receive supply commits from Oracle Collaborative Planning to Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning
  • Publish sales forecasts from Oracle Demand Planning to your customers in Oracle Collaborative Planning

Collaboration Methods

You can send and receive information into Oracle Collaborative Planning using the publish programs from Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning and Oracle Demand Planning, direct entry through the user interface, flat file loads, or XML.

You can publish order forecasts and supply commits from Advanced Supply Chain Planning to Collaborative Planning using MPS, MPP, MRP, and DRP plan types.

Oracle Applications Fusion Cloud - Inventory

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