Attribute Management

Attribute mapping enables you to extend your pricing capabilities by using data from a wide variety of non-standard sources to drive your pricing actions. The data sources for the qualifiers and pricing attributes can be from within or outside of Oracle Applications.

Using the attribute management feature, you can complete the following tasks:
• Create new contexts and attributes
• Update existing contexts and attribute properties
• Disable existing attributes.

Creating new contexts and attributes extends the ability of Oracle Advanced Pricing to provide user-defined data sources to drive pricing actions. The three methods to source data for an attribute are:
• User Entered: Attribute value is entered by user.
• Custom Sourced: Custom code is used to derive an attribute.
• Attribute Mapping: The pricing engine derives information from other Oracle Applications and non-Oracle data sources.

Qualifier and pricing attributes are used to define customer or product attributes:
• A product attribute defines product pricing characteristics such as a product item, item number, category, or brand.
• A customer attribute defines customer pricing characteristics such as customer name or customer number.

When the pricing engine gets a pricing request, attribute management retrieves all values for the qualifier and pricing attributes that are associated with the transaction. The pricing engine evaluates these values to determine which price lists and modifiers are eligible for the transaction.

For example, the following setup could define a discount for a specific day of the week:
Pricing Action               Pricing Rule           Data Source          Attribute Value
Discount Modifier            Qualifier           Day of the Week           Monday

Terminology for Attribute Management

Pricing Transaction Entity (PTE)
A PTE is an ordering structure that has associated request types and source systems. Different applications may have different request structures when they make requests to the pricing engine.

Source System

The source system is the application that captures the pricing setup data.

Request Type
The request type identifies the type of transaction that is being priced. Different applications make requests to the pricing engine. Request types of these applications may be different. Some applications may share their request types. For example, iStore and Order Capture share the same request type. On the other hand, Order Management and iStore have different request structures.

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