Payment cancelled problems. Assalamalaikum...

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Payment cancelled problems.

Assalamalaikum WaRahmatullahiWa Barakatuhu

I am working R12i, we daily prepare appx 70 checks payment, i have prolbem at time of cancelled.

i create payment dt 25-Jan-2010 and issued, after 2 month checks return supose dt: 30-Mar-2010 due some cases and said that cancelled it, what is working arroud of this case.
suppose i cancelled it same date like 25-Jan-2010, the check out from our checks outstanding list.
Suppose i cancelled it retrun date like 30-Mar-2010, our liability account ceate both month with check amount.

Please give solution

Muhammad zubair 

You need to void all the payments preferably with the date as the check issue date

Whenever you void any unused payment make sure the invoice and payments are already accounted else it might cause accounting issue (R12 Bug)

So the correct steps

Before voiding check

1. If the corresponding invoice is accounted or not. if not first account it

2. If the corresponding payment is accounted or not. if not first account it

3. Void the payment and then account it

Have you changed any setup in between , I guess some one might have changed the accounting for payment in payable options.

You test the same scinerio by creating  a new invoice, payment and then voiding the payment. I hope threse wont be any issue.

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