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How to track assets in FA with serial numbers

Hello Everyone,

Is it possible to track assets in FA with serial numbers defined in Inventory. we have defined serial control item in inventory, created PO for that item received items in inventory matched that PO in payables against receipts. we are not able to find serials numbers on invoice lines. 
Is this standard functionality.

Thanks in advance.

As per my knowledge there is no direct relationship between the inventory Item serial numbers and assets in FA.

In FA while adding an asset you can enter a serial number but it s more for reporting usage and standard apps dont use it for any purpose.

Even I never come across of any business requirement of realting assets with serial number.

Yes in Enterprise Asset Mangement for creating a maintainence job we might use the serial number. So if your business requirement is that then when you create an asset in EAM then you use serial number and also can define that as an asset in FA

I agree

FA_MASS_ADDITIONS gets its information from AP INVOICE HEADER and distribution but the serail number of item is store in lines (in R12 its their but i m yet to test it). So there is no way system can automatically populate the serial number in FA additions.

But I think if required a small customization can be done. we can write some Pre Mass addtion program to check if the line in mass addition does have any serial number attached to it and then we can populate it in interface before importing the asset

Right now till R12.1, itsnot working that way, though i guess it may work in future, as of now that field is unutilized as many other fields.

You can raise a Service Request in metalikn to clarify the ambiguity.

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