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Table Owner
Account Payables
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Important columns

PARENT_TABLE : Reference to table in which the rejection occurred (AP_INVOICES_INTERFACE or AP_INVOICE_LINES_INTERFACE)
PARENT_ID NUMBER : Reference to invoice or invoice line identifier which was rejected (INVOICE_ID or INVOICE_LINE_ID)
REJECT_LOOKUP_CODE : Invoice rejection reason


AP_INTERFACE_REJECTIONS stores information about invoice data from the AP_INVOICES_INTERFACE and
AP_INVOICE_LINES_INTERFACE tables which could not be processed by Payables Open Interface Import.

If you use Oracle e-Commerce Gateway, you can pass information from this table to your suppliers by submitting the Payables Open Interface Outbound Advice for rejected data.

You can purge data in this table by using the Payables Open Interface Purge.

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