Material Requirements Planning

The purpose of the planning process is to derive an MPS, DRP or MRP that meets schedule dates while maintaining inventory levels within your “material” policies. You can validate a material plan against available capacity using rough cut capacity planning (RCCP) or detailed capacity requirements planning (CRP).

Material requirements planning (MRP) calculates net requirements from gross requirements by evaluating:

  • the master schedule
  • bills of material
  • scheduled receipts
  • on–hand inventory balances
  • lead times
  • order modifiers

It then plans replenishments by creating a set of recommendations to release or reschedule orders for material based on net material requirements. These planned recommendations are stated in:

  • discrete quantities, with due dates
  • repetitive build rates, with first and last unit start dates.

Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP and Supply Chain Planning assumes infinite capacity is available to meet the material requirements plan. However, you can use capacity planning to verify that sufficient capacity exists to support your material plan. Supply Chain Planning users can also generate  distribution requirements plans (DRP) and manage their material requirements across multiple, interdependent organizations.

Safety stock also important that we use to calculate MRP.
if we see the flow below that there are no safety stock atribut.

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