Req for OSP

I followed the steps for OSP but the requistion is not getting created...

what could be the problem

PO Interview Qs and Ans

Q1. Can we automatically 'Close' the Purchase order without receiving the full quantity? Ans: Yes 2. When does a Purchase Order line get the Status 'Closed for Receiving'? Ans: When we have received all the quantities in the shipment. 3. What is the difference between the control actions 'On Hold' and 'Freeze' for a Purchase order? Ans: While on freeze u can receive and deliver..but on hold u can only do RTV. 4. What are the different document statuses used in Oracle Purchasing? 5. If a Purchase Order/Requisition is cancelled accidentally, can we revert it back? Ans: No 6. Can we receive a shipment even when it is "Closed for Receiving"? Ans: 7. Can we re-open a Closed and Finally Closed Purchase Order? Ans: Closed- Yes Finally Closed _ No 8. Can we match an Invoice against a line even when it is 'Closed for Invoicing'? Ans: No 9. How do I change the Supplier on a approved PO? Ans: Not Possible 10. When a user enters a new PO, the Preparer (user) is always defaulted as the buyer. User is not able to change it too. How do we allow the user to change this?

Match Approval Level and Invoice Match Option

What is the difference between Match Approval Level and Invoice Match Option??

From Oracle User Guide

Select one of the following options for Match Approval Level:
• Two-Way: Purchase order and invoice quantities must match within tolerance
before the corresponding invoice can be paid.
• Three-Way: Purchase order, receipt, and invoice quantities must match within
tolerance before the corresponding invoice can be paid.
• Four-Way: Purchase order, receipt, accepted, and invoice quantities must match
within tolerance before the corresponding invoice can be paid.
If you enter an item, a value for this field is defaulted. See: Purchase Order
Defaulting Rules, page 4-10.

Select an Invoice Match Option:
• Purchase Order: Payables must match the invoice to the purchase order.
• Receipt: Payables must match the invoice to the receipt.
Choose Receipt if you want to update exchange rate information on the receipt
or if you want your accounting to use exchange rate information based on the
receipt date. (If you use Periodic Costing, you must match to the receipt to
ensure accurate cost accounting.)
The Invoice Match Option defaults from the Supplier Sites window. You can
change the Invoice Match Option on the shipment until you receive against the
Note: The Invoice Match Option and the Match Approval Level are
independent options. You can perform whichever Invoice Match
Option you want regardless of the Match Approval Level.

IR/ISO w/o intercompany

We want to do the IR-ISO for tracking and IR approval process
But there is no need to do the intercompany
How can we achieve that???

PO approval

while approving the PO I am getting the below error message

ORA-00976: LEVEL,PRIOR, or ROWNUM not allowed here in Package PO_DOCUMENT_CHECKS_PVT Procedure CHECK_PO

Can a Purchase Order be Made to Appear as Non-nettable in MRP Planning

If I have Purchase Orders added to obtain materials which, on receipt, will not become immediately available for use is there some way to flag these items as non-nettable so that MRP will plan subsequent purchases and disregard these POs? I'm currently running Oracle Applications 10.7.0 SC161. Thanks.


PO in incomplete status

I am doing setup in a new instance.
All the setups are complete in Purchasing but PO’s are not getting approved.

Even after clicking on the approve button system does not starts the approval WF and order shows as incomplete

Tendering Functionality in ORACLE

 Hello Everyone,

Can any one let me know do we have any solutions for tendering functionalities in Purchasing module.
We have a client requiring this functionality their business practices are that they invite tenders for purchasing of goods and services more than the amount of 25k.
After inviting tenders they receives tenders from suppliers and evaluate them by technical proposals and financial proposals.

Job Aid Request

I need a job aid that will help me reopen a Closed PO to generate an RMA for a defective item that is being returned to a MFG for repair.

Hi,How tio rectify...


How tio rectify TAXABLE FLAG field in purchase order module in frontend  applications


Thanks & Regards

 ORACLE SourcingHello,...

 ORACLE Sourcing


Is it recommended to use ORACLE Sourcing internally i.e. without giving access to suppliers.



Creating requisition in forgein...

Creating requisition in forgein currency

How can I create requisition in a currency other than my functional currency

Is it possible to...

Is it possible to change the charge account in a PO

Suppose I create a PO with all the line details...when I enter the shipment and save the record the PO account generator 'll create the distribution account
Is it possible to change the account manually?


Hi,Is there a...


Is there a way that the value against Supplier (in Requisitions window) can be defaulted to? Please let me know.


Hello Allgurus,  &...

Hello Allgurus,

                              My client requirement is like they are purchasing oil from India oil depo and now everyday po item price changed like today is 100 galn and next day 50 galn so now requirement is system will automatically pick price while creating PO.

                        I am using oracle apps 12.1.1 version.

Please guide me to solve above issue.

Thanks & Regards
Ankur Modi

Cancelling a matched PO...

Cancelling a matched PO

Can I cancel a PO which is fully matched to an invoice but not yet closed.
One user has informed me that she has done it by mistake and wants to know what are it implications ??


Multiple PO Approval. Is...

Multiple PO Approval.

Is it possible to approve many PO’s (100s) in a single process.

We have a problem...

We have a problem where some BPA items are not getting the updated unit price (EBS R12.0.6). 

Any idea why this might be happening?


 kindly please give...

 kindly please give me proper instruction about RTV details



How to default "...

How to default "Ship to " address on Purchase Order if PO is created form requisition.


How to eleminate unwanted...

How to eleminate unwanted notificaiton if purchase order is created based on approved requisiton. When user creates requiestion, it goes to approval once approved, and then user creates PO based on approved requsition, then nofication again goes for PO arppvoal. Also want to eleminate FYI nofification.
We are looking for customized solution. Any help?


Hello all.Question For...

Hello all. Question For Procurement on OEBS 11i+ Is anybody could say what is the difference between a po acceptance "Document Only" and "Document or shipment" on a standard po header document ? (I'd just seen that notification to buyer is not generated when "Document Only" is choosen).

Can someone explain how...

Can someone explain how we do and RTV transaction when the PO is closed?

How can you do...

How can you do the RTV transaction when PO is closed?   Why can't we just open the PO for the transaction?

Hi all,I have...

Hi all,I have created an serial control item....while creating that item at serial contro i mentioned as "at receipt" and i have created Purchase order for that Item and approved successfully...

But when i log in to Mobile applications and give the PO# and mention the line # it is working fine and all the details are cuming correctly but when cuming to serial number and then it is redirecting to the other screen showing"Accept defaults"when i click on that "Accept Defaults" it is hrowing an "Unexpected Error"...And asking me to check the log....So please can any one help me how to solve this problem...It is really helpful if any one helps me to get out of this problem...

 hi to all&...

 hi to all 

i have doubt in po_lines_location_all table in that quantity_receive and quantity_accepted ,what is difference between these two column.. please help me..

thanks in advance 

hi to all,i...

hi to all,

i have doubt in po_lines_locations_all table, what is difference between the quantity_received and quantity_accepted please help me 

 hi to all,...

 hi to all,

i have doubt  in sourcing rule in effect for replenishment source , how should we connect these both ..
how we have to create sourcing  rule for replenishment source please help me in regard ....

thanks in advance ....

Purchase products through one...

Purchase products through one legal entity and receive them in another legal entity.

What is are the setup steps for the above.


 what is account...

 what is account range in approver group ?

what type of accounts...

what type of accounts are PO gain /loss account

Normally gain means i think revenue and loss means expense

Can some one clarify please

create req error Hi,...

create req error

Hi, I get the following error in iProc. while submitting a requisition.

"An error has occurred in building your approver list. Please contact your system administrator."

The supplier site open...

The supplier site open interface program is getting erred out with below message


The value in that field is 'Y'
we are using a custom program to load the supplier site interface tables.
The program is being used in the organization for a very long time and we 've never seen this error before

Any one has faced this issue before. Please help

 Hi,I could...

I could able to raise a PO (Global Blanket Purchase agreement) and approve it. Also added few more OUs in Enable Organizations form.

But now could not find the PO number in Release form, I tried from the OU, which owns this Global Blanket Purchase agreement.

Are there any additional setups required for it? Please release your comment on my email ASAP


The approver name is...

The approver name is not defaulting while creating a new requisition in iprocurement.
we are using employee supervisor hirearchy. and all the supervsiors are defined correctly

all the user ids are also associated with correct employe

is there is any special setup or profile for this to work (like default approver profile in I expense).

  Error we are...

we are getting the below erroe while creating requistions in i procurement. This problem is only for one user as others are able to create requisitions w/o any issue.
 Row 1 Charge Account - Charge account is invalid. (Program error: An error has occurred while looking up a flexfield segment combination. Please inform your support representative that: The FND_FLEX_SERVER validation function has encountered a null or negative combination ID () while trying to look up the segment values for this combination. This may indicate an invalid entry in the unique ID column of the combinations table.).
Please help

When a carrier is...

When a carrier is setup is there any way to change the short name to match the description.

FRM-40654 : Record has been...

FRM-40654 : Record has been updated. Requery block to see change.

I am getting the above error while trying to update the PO promise date. I thought the date is updated but after requering I found its not.

I closed the form and even tried after logging out of the system but no results

Any one has faced this error before, please help


what is the purpose...

what is the purpose of purchasing packing slip report?

Why my po is...

Why my po is not going for approval it's shows in process.Using contract services code in goods po type

want to check whether...

want to check whether BPA status will get closed once all the releases are received and invoices

return to vender

is there any standard report or which report is used for return to vender in oracle purchasing?

what forward method in document types

can any one explain what forward method in document types direct and hierarchy?

when internal requisition will be created ..

when internal requisition will be created


I am not able to Cancel a partially received PO.

sourcing from both internal and external supplier in a requisition

I want to setup the system in such a way that when a requisitoners raises a requistion then first the system should look for sourching internally from any warehouse , else source from supplier

wha tis purchase order?...

wha tis purchase order? what is the tables in R12?

Firm Purchase Orders Security

Setups to allow firm purchase order

PO to GL

How do post all the accural journals created during PO receipts to GL. In AP we run payable accounting process and transfer to GL in inv. Similarly what is the program name for purhasing I couldnt find any program. I have gone through the PO user guide


What is the field in Oracle to place the applicable incoterms such as DDP, DDU, CIF, CIB, etc?

Change Order Reapproval Rules in Release 12

When using the Change Order form works properly when updating the distribution list % but when putting in a % value in the Line Quantity or line amount %, PO still goes into reapproval. why?

PO in Incomplete status

When the status of a PO will be in 'Incomplete status'?

Initial status of an auto created PO

What will be the inital status of an autocreated PO? and when it will in Incomplete status? Can any one help me in explaining the status flow of a Purchase Order

complex po

dear all i want to create complex po payment types in document style but in the web form doesn't show me the complex payment regions and its details like: Advance Retainage Progress payment details ..................etc i need help on the above issue Tnx!!!

use of set_book_id in po_distribution_interface table

what is the use of set_of_book_in po_distribution_interface table

why are we using SET_OF_BOOKS_ID in po_distributions_all table

since org_id is using in po_distributions_all table still why are we using SET_OF_BOOKS_ID in po_distributions_all table

menu, function and responsibilities

Dear All; would you send me a document for system adminstrator activites like,how to create a function and sub function,how to create menu and how to attach the menu to responsiblity and attach to user?

IR ISO Across OU

HI, Im little bit confused about the CUstomer and internal location association. im in R12 and i went to Customer and selected the location for OU2 and assigned the Internal Location. And i went back to customer and selected the location for OU1 and when i try to assign the same internal location. It errors out "Internal location is already assigned to another ship to address. Please choose a different location." Please advise But it

How to use Expense Account Rules on Requisition

Please explain the Expense Account Rules

How to automatically create a Approved PR to a PO without using Auto create

Hi Friend My requirement is when ever there is a approved PR ( from WIP , OM or Inv or from other sources) it need to be converted directly to the PO without using Auto create functionality manually

PO form consigned flag is present in which table

Hi , In the PO at the distribution level we have a field consigned_flag. I am doing a PO conversion ,so in the PO_LINES_INTERCAE table even if the column CONSIGNED_FLAG=Y ,but still in the form its not getting selected.Hence need to know in which base table is the consigned_flag is present.

Getting ERROR

Getting ERROR message"You entered an approver who is not on the approval path. Please contact the system administrator" while creating

do we have some API

do we have some API to update the line description of PO.

Requisition Creation

When I create requisition i am selecting charge account when I save I got message as this cost center doesn't required to create requisition create manual PO, please let me know where they assigned this message

Requisition Approval Screen

Approval form not displaying default hierarchy name and forward check box grayed out with green tick please help

Supplier Merge

Did supplier merge, log did not show any issues. All POs did not merge to new supplier. All of the vendors being merged were from ex: SupplierA . to SupplierA (yes there is a space dot after SupplierA). Payables now cannot match invoices to POs with new supplier name (without the space dot).

Supplier Merge

Did supplier merge, log did not show any issues. All POs did not merge to new supplier. All of the vendors being merged were from ex: SupplierA . to SupplierA (yes there is a space dot after SupplierA). Payables now cannot match invoices to POs with new supplier name (without the space dot).

How to restrict price in PO in Purchasing

Unable to restrict users from manual price entry in PO

PO Approval Groups

How we will access different operating units with single Approval group in Oracle R12.(with only one Approval group it is possible to use same in other operating unit also?)

Item in assignment set

I have defined sourcing rule for three new items. Now I am trying to assign these new sourcing rules to an existing assignment set but out of the three items only one is available in assignment set. I have followed the same process for all the items. What could I have done wrong? Thanks, Vivek

Unable to print/deliver purchase order

Hi All, Issue : Unable to deliver purchase order through Fax. In Detail : We have blanket Purchase Agreements prepared by Buyer X. Now Buyer X left the organisation. Subsequently we have end dated the buyer X. Now whenever we release against BPA, We are supposed to deliver the PO releases to vendor through FAX. We are able to deliver all POs and releases except POs prepared by buyer X. PO/releases delivered through automatic schedule program. Whenever schedule program runs the particular POs stucking the queue but not delivering to vendor. We are resolving temporatily this issue by extending the buyer enddate. Kindly help me how to resolve this issue. As the matter is high impact one. I request to respond as quickly as possible. Thank you JPR

Sourcing rules are fails frequently.

Hi All, I have encountered an issue in purchasing. The sourcing rules are failing frequently for few items. Kindly advise me how to fix the issue. Thank you, JPReddy

How to Joins PO tables with PA modules

HI, I want to join PO_line_all, PO_LINE_LOCATIONS_ALL and PO_LINE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL with PA Module tables such as PA_PROPJECTS_ALL, pa_commitment_txns , pa_expenditure_types and pa_expenditure_all. Can some body help in this ..

technology update...

I have raised a PO, say for 100 Rs. for an item 'X', but then due to some technological reason the product gets updated and I want to increase the amount of PO say 150 Rs., any revision will mean that the approval will be again required for that revision, but I don't want to put the PO for approval as it has already been approved. (Its a case study given to me)...please help...

Catalog Management

Does Oracle have any preferred partners for third party catalog management? We would like to review Oracle suggestions before exploring other opportunities.

Complex PO

Can we have a sample document for creating a complex PO using Standard Import Program

Quotes to standard PO

Can we create a standard PO with reference to a quote

PO transfer

What is a PO transfer transaction


wt def oe p2p

Planned Purchase Orders

What is the business usage of planned purchase order...In what type of industry & business scenarios, the planned purchased orders are used.

Freeze & Hold

What is the difference between Freeze and Hold action on a PO


how we can define a gpa in purchasing and how can we can receive the qty aganist order

Oracle Purchasing

i need to know the AME approval process, what is the use of it.

Direct Ship Orders - Sales Order to Requisition to PO

Direct Ship - Supplier delivers to Customer based on Deliver To on Sales Order