HiI have created...


I have created an user as istore administrator and added the following two profiles

though i can access everything in the administrator, i cant create new items, the button is disabled...

Is there any other profile or set up needs to be done




Drop ship problem

Req is not getting cretaed after running the req import.


The workflow is stuck and is showing the following error

Activity Definition

NamePurchase Release - Deferred
Internal NameDEFER_PUR_REL
DescriptionPurchase Release - Deferred
Activity Version45
Result Type
Default Activity ResultNULL
Message Name
Expand RolesNo
Function TypePL/SQL
On Loop RevisitReset
 Function activity cost in seconds.
Error WorkflowOM Error
Error ProcessR_ERROR_RETRY
Start/End Node
Performer Role TypeConstant
Performer Role
 Performer role or internal workflow attribute name.
Developer Comment
 N minutes or internal workflow attribute name.


disable partial release

Client wants to disable partial release option.

i.e if enough quantity is not available then system should not try to split and do the reservation of available quantity.

SO in booked status

I am new to oracle apps and just learning it

I added 1 line to an existing sales order with 10 quantity and saved it.

the order line is not coming in shipping execution form for pick release...what could be the reason

what happens in scheduling

Can some one tell me what exactly happens in scheduling...

I have gone through the OM user guide but couldnt understand anything..

API to get Freight In and Duty

I am looking for a standard API to get applicable Freight In and Duty for an Item. We are using actual_cost_hook API to pass custom derived cost as COGS. We need to derive the application Freight In and Duty as well.

any help

Price List update

As per the client requirement we have to modify all most 2000 item price in differnt price list..what is the best you to approach it...

TCS SCM interview question

Can we make an Model which is not ATO/PTO

If yes if we create a sales order from that model then what 'll be the O2C flow of that item


Shipping Transaction Form - how to sort by Item Name?

Does anyone know how to sort the Shipping Transaction form either by Item Name or Item Description?

I have pickreleased with the autocreate delivery option set to Across Orders.  My delivery has about 150 content lines and many of the items appear more than once.  I am now trying to split this large delivery up into several smaller deliveries but I need to keep all the lines for a particular item on the same delivery.

The only way I can think of doing this is sorting the contents by Item Name or by Item Description but I can't seem to do this.  I have tried in vain playing with the column sequence and sort data options but I cannot get the item name to appear as one of the three sort columns.

I have tried to sort by weight and volume but these are multiplied out by the quantity requested.

I'm at a loss here.  Pls help.

Can I cancel an order after pick release

In OM Can I cancel an order after pick release ??
while attempting I got the below error message

You are not allowed to cancel Order Line because:
Line has been pick confirmed/staged.

what is the work around

Sales order is picked...

Sales order is picked and shipped but the status is Ineterface to receviable
I cant find the AR invoice  against it
The invoice data are not in interface either

What could be the reason

How to achieve this...

How to achieve this

I need to sell a combination of items to the customer

1 mouse 2 key boards 1 ram is combination 1 and they are all independently defined in master item org. but i need to sale them together packed in one box.
how to tackle this scenario? can i do via making its BOM ?? 

Hi,I want to...


I want to make a supplimentaory invoice in OM.The Invoice should be made without updating inventory qty, as well

as RG-1 Resgister (We are using India Localization OM) .Please give me a solution .

Unable to create a...

Unable to create a Project Number for corresponding Sales Order

Hi All,My requirement...

Hi All,

My requirement for as follows .

If the Order type is INTERNAL ORDER - US or INTERNAL ORDER - IRE or the Price LIST at the SO line is ZERO PRICE .

1. using Price list on the SO header search for the price list line with the item id from the line, where the so line pricing date falls within the from and to dates.

2. using Price list on the SO header search for the price list line with the category id from the item on the line (see below), where the so line pricing date falls within the from and to dates.

3. using Price list on the SO line go to first secondary price list repeat number 1

4. using Price list on the SO line go to first secondary price list repeat number 2

5. using Price list on the SO line go to next secondary price list repeat number 1
repeat for all listed secondary price lists.

I am very new to oracle pricing Kindly suggest table information or any sample script.


Can i change item...

Can i change item code when an order is Booked? Can I do mass changes for the orders containing more than one header level?

 Hi,I have...


I have one scenario, pls guide me how to do that.

In Order Management, I have created 4 lines in Quote & got approval. Now it is ready to convert into Sales Order but i want to convert only 2 lines into sales order & remaining 2 lines, i need to convert into sales order after 3 weeks.

so how can i achieve this?

kindly suggest me.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi,I am developing...


I am developing a program for coying price List with additionsl charges. Once i copy all price list to a new price list name, My client want to update all the existing Sales Orders of Old price list to New Price List Name.
is there any API for updating the existing sales order price list name. Please let me know if there is any API.

Please do the need full..

Thanks & Best Regards,

 Hello All, ...

 Hello All, 

I am doing some R and D for a project. I have been asked to investigate on the below. Can anyone help in the below tasks. 

1.      1.  Create 4 business users (for iSupport)

a.       2 for Business world customer

b.      2 for some other customer

2.       2. Create an Employee user (for iSupport)

3.       3. Employee user should be able to approve Business user accounts

4.       4. Read about Notification Rules in Service Request

5.       5. See how we can create events in Workflow Notifications


Sandeep V

What is Dcogs in...

What is Dcogs in Oracle R12.What is the accouting entries impact while Order shipping to invoicing?


 Need all FAQ...

 Need all FAQ abt order Mgt ,Po and inventory

Oracle Transportation Management Does...

Oracle Transportation Management Does anyone was have User guide about OTM ?

Hello Appsguru,  &...

Hello Appsguru,
                               I am working on R121.1 version and i am facing issue in dropshipment order like sales order qty for dropship order is 4 and po is generated like 4qty now my client requirement is like partial receipt qty while receiving transaction like only 1qty received but i am not able to achieve this .
             Receiving Transaction Processor is facing error message.

Please help me in above subject.

Ankur Modi.

Dropship External we have...

Dropship External we have tried and almost completed but tell me like if we do RMA & credit memo also working for customer but while we are trying to do RTV for supplier we are not able to complete transaction. We have tested below scenerio (1)Dropship order created (2)Purchase Release & Requisition import & then PO is created and receipt the material (3) now Customer invoice created as well as AP invoice against supplier done. (4)now do RMA for customer and generated Credit memo it is also working (5)now try to do RTV for supplier we are not able to do transaction. Let me know how to resolve this issue. Thanks Ankur Modi.

Hello ,   &...

Hello ,
                             we are facing issue in sales order entry of dual uom like 1 item created with primary uom Meter and secondary uom is Square meter now we are going to punch order with secondary uom like conversion is 1meter=1550 Squar meter now problem is some fraction qty like 0.048 qty is backorder.

Please help me in above matter.


Hi, I am creating...

Hi, I am creating IR & ISO functionality but after create ISO my sales order line stuck at 'schedule eligible' in a booked status.i have seen workflow and workflow status is below. Schedule eligible line- complete schedule-Incomplete now my order line status is booked and not changed to 'Awaiting shipping' Please guide me. Thanks Ankur

Hi,   &...

      We are creating IR & ISO functionality.we have generated 1 internal requision in one org and now internal sales order is also generated in other org but problem is order line stuck at 'Schedule line' means order line status is booked and not going to change like 'Awaiting shipping' to process for next. i have checked workflow and workflow status is below.

Schedule eligible-Complete

now please advice me that how i can resolved this issue ASAP.


Hello All,I want...

Hello All,

I want to know why and how is an Over shipment done in Oracle?

Instead of creating a new Sales Order line why is an overshipment done?
What's the impact of ovarshipment?

Thanks & Regards,

Description: The system is...

Description: The system is not recognizing that a hold of the same category is still on a line, so upon releasing one hold the system sends the line back through the node even though it should wait until all holds are released in that node.

Example: line has both DEX hold and COB hold, when the user releases the DEX hold the system sent it back through adjudication and reapplied the DEX hold.

The system should have seen the COB hold and held the line from going back through adjudication until the COB hold was released as well.

Hello All,  &...

Hello All,
                   I am facing issue in AR invoice like OM side 1 item entered & freight charges also capture from modifier but while AR invoice generated item distribution & Tax which i have apply at order side it was correct but again tax calculated on Freight charges like freight charges is 35 then Tax 19.5 of 35 i.e 6.86 will calculated.
             I want only freight charges on tax on freight.

Please help me.


Hi all,Create a...

Hi all,

Create a concurrent request to update the Order header workflow status ?

what are the steps to follow to achieve the above ?

needed a help in...

needed a help in Zams case , i.e. Case: Item A, Price Rs.100, Item B, Price Rs.150 But when i sell a combo pack of A & B , the Price becomes Rs.200 for both the items combined. Can you guide me how do i map this in R12.

 needed a help...

 needed a help in Oracle R12, i.e.
Item A, Price Rs.100,
Item B, Price Rs.150
But when i sell a combo pack of A & B , the Price becomes Rs.200 for both the items combined.
Can you guide me how do i map this in R12.
ail id : parambirb@evosys.co.on

Hi,I am new...


I am new to Oracle apps, I have created a new responsibility for order management and assigned to a new user. But when i am trying to open the sales order form all the fields are greyed out and i am unable to enter any of the details in the form.

Can anyone please help me in the above context.


Hi,I am new...


I am new to oracle apps, I have created new responsibility for order management and assigned to a new user, but i am not able to enter any thing in the sales order formevery thing is greyed out.

Can any one help me in the above context.


How do you set...

How do you set up OE/Inventory/Item Master etc for non stocked intangible items. These are service type items sold based on service to end user.

Hi, In the Pricing...

Hi, In the Pricing Formula Screen , The Formula Type ( LOV ) showing only 3 values..It is not showing "List Price" in the LOV. Is their any Profile Option need to update.

After an order has...

After an order has been confirmed and closed, is it standard functionality to be able to change request/commit/actual dates?

Hi,The requirement by...


The requirement by the client is at the time of drop shipment items should be allocated to 2 suppliers . Like 30% to 1 supplier and another 70 to another supplier. How can that be acheived?

The requirement is I...

The requirement is I have two inventory orgs A and Inventory Org B. We have two different Order types Order Type A and Order Type B.Inventory Org A and Org B belong to the same OU.

In the sales Order when I use Transaction type A and use inventory Org A but I see the items from both inv orgs A and Inv org B. How do I see the items from Inv Org A only?

The different Order types...

The different Order types which i have setup in Order management does not appear in the sales Order header...Any setup which you feel is missing?

Hi ,I created a...

Hi , I created a Sales Order got this booled and ran the pick release. The pick list generation list completes sucessfully but in the shipping transaction form the next step says not applicable. Steps checked 1) checkeced the items status and its active 2)periods are open 3)inventory subinventory has balance Any guestimates .. I checked metalink throughly but abosultely no info to proceed further... Has anyone faced this before? Regards Vinay

Hi,Is it possible...


Is it possible to use same credit hold across the OUs? In case yes how can that be achieved.


Dear All,If anybody...

Dear All,

If anybody has previously implemented Oracle intercompany internal fulfillment R 11.5.10 , if any documents relating to its implementation and its integration with Oracle are available please s share the same to me....

I know there are some white papers in metalink but they are a little bit confunsing.

Thanks in Advance



Hi, I have...



I have created a line type and assgined that to the order type which i created for the Internal Sales Orders. But when I go to the purchasing options to add that order type I do not see the header order type I can only see the line order type?.


I have made sure

PO_REQUIRED and AGREEMENT_REQUIRED the box is unchecked in the transaction type window... What I might be missing?




Hello,I'm facing similar...


I'm facing similar error in R12.1.3 environment, while running POI Order Import,
error message pasted below;

"User-Defined Exception in Package OE_Order_GRP Procedure Automatic_Account_Creation"

can any one help with this



12.1.3 the users can create...

12.1.3 the users can create an order but cannot add any lines - receiving no errors, just doesn't do anything. User has to discard to get out.

i created one so...

i created one so with 3 lines having different schedule ship dates one is present date and for other two lines is future dates system is allowing to ship the lines which is having future schedule ship dates what is the setup required not to allow the so line which has future schedule shipment dates

hi,system is allowing...


system is allowing to ship the so lines which is having future schedule ship date

plz tel me what is the setup req not to allow the shipping for so lines in future schedule ship date

hi,anybody please provide...


anybody please provide me oracle student guide

getting the below error...

getting the below error message in sales order form. The order is booked and line status is awaiting shipping. This is a new operating unit with two inv orgs. What setups are we missing?

A part from the...

A part from the normal document set can we get a seperate report running for a spefic customer.

what are connection between...

what are connection between purchasing module and order management what all the impact will happen in order management if you give purchasing module ecan any one give me the answers....

hii really know...


i really know whether to ask in this forum but i find other solution..
i belive that many of you use solution beacon r12   instance for partice , but i was not able put sales ordert (it shows -note-  validation failed  for the field- Order type )  in r12 instacne of solution beacon r12 .1.3 vision operation ...
please if any  one works in solution beacon r12 instacne in solution who knows how to solve please share with me ... thanks advance

 hi to all ,...

 hi to all ,

i know what is released-status in wsh_delivery_details where r='ready to release',c=picked ,y=shipped....but what is the use of oe_interfaced_flag and inv_interfaced_flag mean in wsh_delivery_details ...

 hi to all,...

 hi to all,

i have try to do dropshipment , sales order   is entered and booked , i have run the workback ground process in request, status in line of order sales have to awaits recepit  but it is booked status, i have process order in action it is eligible , and i tried the workflow in status progress status-deferred ..

i have been doing for three to put drop shipment sales order it is difficult ,if any one of you have solution please share with me ... thanks in advance ...

A contract administrATOR  ...

A contract administrATOR  is not defined a process message come whenever itried to put sales order but  i was able to book the order .. can any tell me why it is happening

i was doing release &...

i was doing release  sales order ,
all concurrent reports running except auto-pack ,

i have in sales release form all releavent info such auto pick check box and all ...

problem not able to ship it in ship confirm form delivery tab shows nothing ...because pick and ship show error ..

please help me in this regard ......

 what is difference...

 what is difference btw the pick confirm and ship confirm ..

hi,I joined as...


I joined as a oracle scm trainee-please suggest me a suitable book to refer and grasp a little bit earlier.

Answer will be appriciable

Shruthi ballari

 in r12 order...

 in r12 order managemant how to create departure,it says to navigate to find departures information but i was to able find any such depature .please help me where we can find the departure form in r12 apps

 what is autopack ,...

 what is autopack ,what auto pack does , when we check in release sales order please help me in this

 what is diifferent...

 what is diifferent between demand source type,demand source type_id,demand source header id,demand source line id ,source type ,transactions source type please help me .....

order management cancellation

i create sales order and booked ,now i decrement the sale line quantities is it considered as cancelled of quantities i decremented . for example i booked line with 10 quantities now i decrement the 5 quantities is it mean that remanining is cancelled ...

Electronic delivery of an order

Where is the shipping email id captured for the electronic delivery in case the customer e mail ID is not to be used.

CTO item issue

getting the error message enter a valid bill revision the model item is defined. The bill is defined and has a vaild revision. what else do i need to setup

can not enter sales order

Getting below error message while saving the sales order Could not find a source to schedule the line. Please specify a warehouse on the line or define Sourcing Rules for the Item.

Freight costs without using Transport Mgmt

Hi, I am new to Oracle and my head is swimming with trying to figure out 1) how to apply freight costs to an order without using Transportation Mgmt and 2) can freight be determined as a percentage by customer? Any info will be greatly welcomed. Maureen

Very Clear Info

Thanks for very clear Information,Myself fresher scm functional consultant....very useful....

why IR/ISO cannot generate Intercompany AP AR ?

Under the same SOB but different OU ,IR/ISO process cannot generate Intercompany AP AR,why? which IR/ISO process can generate IAP/IAR?where to define Supply site?

price of an item

i have also tried to get help from the oracle support website but no use ... kindly show me a way out .. unable to attach price to an item , even though the list price is attached at item definition time & also it is attached to a price list, still it is not picking any price at the time of Internal requisition making..

Has anyone used the address on the order line called Intermediate Ship to

We are considering using this address For Importer address, as we are already using the delivery address for freight forwarders and will some Export transactions there can be up to 4 address involved including bill to, ship to, deliver to (freight forwarder), and Importer. Unfortunately this address is at the order line level. What is the best practice?

in transit time

when i have an Org pairing, how do i assign shipping methods to the shipping network

Destination inventory organization in a Sales Order

How to query for the destination inventory organization from a sales order ? In the sales order header we have ship_to_location but it does not tell about the destination inventory organization.Is there any SQL query which can give the destination inventory organization ?

After Booking a Sales Order a Schedule Ship Date has not been derived

After Booking a Sales Order a Schedule Ship Date has not been derived

Cannot close an Order

workflow shows and error at activity 'ship' but the order line shows picked - shipping transaction shows that line is interface, delivery, stop and trip are all closed. I am unable to close the order

acknowledgement of item receipt by customer

Once the item is shipped to the customer,where can we track the acknowledgement of the receipt of item by customer in oracle application?

COS amount in GL

Hi I have created, booked , picked and shipped a SO. The order staus in now closed. I can see the SO accounts in inventory module but the account is showing as zero in GL. I have two qs - 1. Is there any program we need to run for posting the accounts in GL from OM (like transfer GL in AR) 2. If yes what is the name of the program. I have searched all the programs in view -> request but couldnt find any thing. Thank you Klohn

Cannot change Ship to on SO Line

Inventory org is WMS (warehouse management) enabled. There is a processing constraint in the system that does not allow Changing the ship to location on SO line once the SO line is pick released. For one responsibility, i have authorized so I can change the ship to location even after line is pick released. I am able to change the ship to location for a SO line that is pick released for another org that is not WMS enabled from the same responsibility. But for a WMS org, I cannot change the ship to location after pick release. Throwing the warning and not letting me save. Message: The update is not allowed because the source line is under WMS control. I tried unassigning the delivery detail from the delivery. Also tried to unpack the LPN in staging and found that it is not possible to unpack an LPN once it is staged for delivery. Please help.

Books for SCM

Can some one suggest a good book on Inventory, Sales and Planning etc.

when the status of the sales order header will be closed

Hi When we can close the sales order header ? thanks in advance

setups for the internal sales order

HI friends please post the setups required and procedure for the internal sales order business scenario. Thanks

O2c cycle in terms of financial prespective

Hi friends At the time pick release and at the time of the ship confirm what are all the a/c's will get affected. In the total o2c cycle what are all the accounts will get debited and credited at each stage of o2c cycle . Thanks in advance

Shipping exeception

Hi friends Let me know one business flow scenario , how to generate a exception for a delivery . Thanks and Regards

Soft reservation Vs. Hard reservation

Hi friends Difference between Hard reservation and soft reservation Thanks in advance

Adv pricing in IC

In normal IR/ISO process the price is derived from cost (+ charges) But We want to put some mark value to the cost. I know its possible & have worked in a project before but I dont remember all the setups Can any one help me with all the required steups, please

Sales Order Line Item Type and BOM Item Type

Are there rules/configuration settings that set the value of Item Type on the line level of a Sales Orders? Is the BOM Item Type of the Ordered Item used to set the value of the Item Type on the Line level of a sales order?

Line Type of an order line is changed even after the line is entered?

Hi, I wonder if 'Line Type' of an order line can be changed even after the order line is entered. For example, it was 'REGULAR' or 'STANDARD' order line when it was entered yesterday. And I change the same order line to 'RETURN' 2 days later. From the posting(http://www.oracleug.com/user-guide/order-management/order-header), I can see that Order Type for an order can be changed under 3 conditions mentioning there. But, I am not sure about 'Line type' of the order line. I would really appreciate if somebody can help me for this.

Cost to Charge

Suppose I have two lines in a SO. The WF usef is line level invoicing Line 1 : Item 1 : Price 100 Line 2 : Item 2 : Price 200 Now at the point of shipment I added a cost of 50 Now line 1 is shipped. Then what 'll be the invoice amount 1. 150 2. 125 3. 116.66 4. None of the above

Discounting in OM

Hi, Currently we are in 11.5.10 environment and need help related to discounting from OM side.My business case is absed on certain items list need to provide discount on the order total as slabs.If an order total is more than 10000USD with the items specified in that list then give 20% discount on order total.. Can anyone help me is this possible without Advanced pricing in OM?

Can we do auto renewal of subscription in iStore

using iStore where subscriber log in and pay the subcription fee. Wondering if subscriber opt to renew their subcription automatically, does iStore provide auto renewal functionality out of the box?

Defining FOB

HOw to define a new FOB entry for the oracle customer ordermangment tab Thanks

Internal Sales Order

Setup for Internal Sales Order

order interface

Can some one give me the code to populate the order interface table with some constant value. I need to import orders for some tesing and need to populate the interface table with mandatory values

Sales Order in Awaiting Invoivce status

After shipping the sales order the workflow is stuck @ Invoice Interface - Line, Deferred. I ran the WF background with stuck as Yes for all the differnt AR item types but w/o any sucess. Any help

charges & adjustments in sales line

What is the difference between charges & adjustments in sales order line. When we can add manual modifiers in both the form then why we need two different forms for this?

Order closed but item not interfaced

Hi, The issue is in OM. The order shows closed, but actually the item is not interfaced. What would be the possible error. Thank you, JPR

Moving from R12.1.1 to R12.1.3

Hi We are planning to move from R12.1.1 to R12.1.3. I need to find out what are the changes have happened for couple of modules such as OM, AR, etc Can some one share me if have prepared any such document. Thanks, Ben


whats the exact name of the api for create order

Order type is changing automatically while entering a quote

Hi All, I am trying to enter a quote in order management. The order type is changing automatically while I am moving into lines. Kindly help me, matter is urgent. Thank you, JPReddy

Delivery Shipped but still showing in picked status

Hi all, One order/delivery has been shipped by user. But still the delivery shows in Picked status. Kindly advise me where to check and what to do. As the matter is urgent I request you to reply me at the earliest. Thank you, JP

Can an interco invoice...

Can an interco invoice ref two item numbers


I am struggling lot with below scenarios...Please provide me the possible solution or work around. Item code: Hook - Pieces Hook - Packet (10pcs) (1 Cover, 1 Label and 10 pcs Hook) Hook - Box (10 pcs) (1Box, 1 Label and 10 pcs Hook) Hook - 10 Boxes (100pcs) ( 1Big Box, One Label, 10 Boxes i.e., 100pcs) Hook - Box of 525 pcs Hook - Box of 1725 pcs Unit of measure I defined as Piece and UOM Conversion as Pakect (10 pcs), Box (100 pcs), Box of 500 , Box of 1000. After conversions I can use any of the UOM to perform the transaction in purchasing, miscellaenous transaction but my question is If we peform the transaction using Box of 500 UOM conversion and Box of 1000 UOM in purchasing or Misc transaction. If I want to track in the system, system is showing the balance only in Primary UOM i.e. piece... my client wants to track how many Box of 500, Box of 1000 are there in the stock. If they receive sales orders from customer, first they check Boxes, packets, finally pcs... exaple: 1525 pcs order means.. they check any availbility of Box of 1000, Box of 500 finally they pick from loose piece from the Organisation. They are very concern about Tracking in the system... without knowing how many are there very difficult for them proceed further. Second issue is: They send three item codes to outside processing: A , B, C Item codes become Item code Z They issue A, B, C items to outside vendors for processing, they pack in packets, boxes returns to Client in multiple receipts, they want to track all against to issue of items. Some times outside processing vendors send more / less: 3,00,000 piece Hook send along with B (Label) C (Cover)... to 3 vendors as below Ram - 1,00,000 he returns only 95000 .. remaining is shortage Ravan - 1,00,000 he return more 1,06,000 - remaining is surplus Lakshman - 1,00,000 he returns only 97000 - remaining is shortage While issuing items to outside vendors for packing, they are not counting all items because small pieces, they think 1 lacs pieces are there but more or less will be there... how to achieve this scenarios in the system, tracking and adjustment. Outside vendros are returning in multiple receipts, like 1,00,000 they return ten times, client wants to track all the receipts and finally whatever shortage or suplus for respective receipt of 3,00,000 they want to adjust in the system as well as in supplier account. Third issue is: If UOM conversion tracking is solved by Intra class, picking is the problem.. my client requirement is If they receive Sales order from Customer for 10111 pcs. First they pick Boxes like Box of 5000, second Box of 1000, finaly they pick 111 pcs from loose pick. Box of 5000, Box of 1000 and Loose pcs they maintain at different sub Inventories, After doing pick release as per our picking rule system generate pick slip report. First system pick by orderwise, if there is no enough quantity to satisfy in respective sub inventory it will goto sub inventory order 2... In my case how to achieve this. Please do the needful Quick responses highly appreciated.

Freight Charges @ delivered quantity instead of sales order quantity

Dear Friends I want to apply and calculate freight charges @ delivered quantity instead of sales order quantity. For Example; Sales Order was of 10 MT whereas Quantity delivered was of 12 MT or 8 MT. I want to calculate Freight on 12 or 8 MT, as the case may be. I am using R12. Please help me with mentioning targeted options. Thanks and Regards

How to delete Folder Extensions- Line Level in oracle 11i

how to delete Folder Extensions- Line Level in oracle 11i

credit card mask

Anyone know how to setup credit card encryption?

how to define a customer in oracle apps

how to define a customer in oracle apps


what the function of total field?

Created by showing different name

Hi Team, Users is creating sales orders using his own login credentials. When we check record history of the sales order. It is showing generic user name as created by and updated by. User says we are loging thorough our own login credentials. Kindly suggest me where is going wrong and how to resolve the issue. Thank you, JP

Quote Approval hirarchy in order management

Hi Team, Customer requirement in Order Management is as below. If the quote value is 50000 or margin is 45% WF Notification should go to Manager Else The notification should go to officer. Kindly let me know possibilities. and setups required. Thank you, JP

Order Header is in Closed status but line is in booked status

Hi Team, Sales order got 4 lines, 3 lines are in cancelled status. 4th line is in booked status. However Sales order Header status shows "Closed" status. Now the customer asking order Header status to bring back to booked status. As it is very urgently to be resolved, request to provide solution . Thanks in advance. JPReddy

Shipping method is not defaulting to Line

Hi Team, In order header level shipping methods LOV list differs from shipping method at line level LOVs. Would request suggest how to make line level shiping method list equal to header level shipping method list. Probably becasue of this difference for some of the orders line level shipping methods are not updating. Request you to provide suggestion. Thank you, JP

Shipping method is not defaulting to Line

Hi Team, In order header level shipping methods LOV list differs from shipping method at line level LOVs. Would request suggest how to make line level shiping method list equal to header level shipping method list. Probably becasue of this difference for some of the orders line level shipping methods are not updating. Request you to provide suggestion. Thank you, JP

Book sale order without price list

I want book Sale order without price list. Can I create it in Oracle EBS R12?

Book sale order without price list

I want Book sale order without price list. Can I input it in Oracle OM R12?.

Setup default tax in sale order by customer

I setup default 10% VAT in all sale order, but now I want setup 5% VAT by each Customer in Sale Order form. How do I setup?.

Sale order service item test script

I want find the setup and test script of Sale order service item scenario.

Order Booking

I am getting below error message while trying to book a sales order Order-level sales credit total () must equal 100%. what could be the reason

shipping of newly booked orders

can we perform picking and ship confirming on new records? Iam unable to do it on new records,it is sending error message. so can u pls tl me when and how 2 perform it?

Unable to do pickrelease

Rma item not able to do pick release wat is the problem please let me know...

Inter company AR currency

From where system takes the Inter-company AR currency... I have an ISO in SGD and we expected the AR invoice currency as SGD but its getting created in GBP