All buttons on the MRP workbench are disabled

All buttons on the MRP workbench are disabled. I created a new MRP and lunched it..After all the programs are complete I went to workbench and could see the buttons. I made certain modifications to the sourec MDS and re-lucnhed it..but now all the buttons are diabled.. what could be the reason

In case we are...

In case we are using one instance is it required to create instance and DB link?

Question on DB instance...

Question on DB instance

by Ravi - 02/25/2011 - 07:01

It is very informative regarding architecting ASCP and Demand Planning. if i go for a de-centralized architecture, as per your diagram, only one DB instance is required? i am refering to "Same DB instance" comment under planning server. Can you please clarify?
I thought the source and destination DB are two separate DB instances? correct?

Thanks in advance

Hi, Is there a...

Hi, Is there a way to control how discrete jobs are available in a planned order

i.e. Say I have a discrete job demand of 15.
Can I ensure that I see the discrete job(supply) in one planned order and not split across multiple planned orders?

If yes,please let me know how.


Hi,Scenario - I...


Scenario -
I have a discrete job demand of say Qty 15.
Navigation :
(ASCP Work Bench -->search with Item Name & Order Type 'Discrete Job Demand)

Post planning I can see the Supply pegged(Planned Orders) against this demand in the ASCP planner work bench (Supply/Demand Screen)

When I explode the pegging for that item , I can see that I have discrete jobs (Supply) but , they are in different planned orders.
For ex. 6 in Planned Order 1 , 6 in Planned Order 6 & 3 in Planned Order 3.

Question : Is there any way I can control the way discrete job is pegged i.e. can I make all discrete jobs fall under one planned order.

Please let me know if this is possible.

Oracle Learner

I'd like to get...

I'd like to get an understanding of how we could use ASCP to rebalance inventory accross locations. In other words, how do I set it up to look at excess inventory at neighboring locations before purchasing from a vendor

Hello,How would I...


How would I use Oracle ASCP to rebalance inventory at multiple locations. For example, how do I set it up to look at excess inventory at neighboring locations before purchasing more inventory from a vendor

Closed Jobs showing in...

Closed Jobs showing in Supply and Demand screen. In ASCP, when i open SandD screen, it is cluttered with "Closed" jobs with "0" quantity. Is there away to hide this? Whay am I seeng this? Thanks

Why do I see...

Why do I see closed jobs in my (ASCP) Supply/Demand screen. When I open an item in Supply and Demand window, I have to sort through all the "CLOSED" jobs on the screen to find real jobs and planned orders. These jobs all show as "Zero" . There must be a setting to hide this. I was not here when they did the set up. Is this user specific or is it a back end profile set up causing this. Tried rummaging through pref's and such, no dice. Any one know?


 Good Afternoon ...

 Good Afternoon 

My question is about Oracle Demand Planning:
I have 3 problems or questions:
1. i cant collect data from other Oracle Systems for example Manufacturing.
2. I can view the dimensions viewer and i configure the dimensions and levels however i cant review this topic.
3. i cant publish the forecast , how are the stpes for a correct publish or requirements.

Thanks i need this for show to my boss

Do we have capacity...

Do we have capacity planning in R12

or its now a part of ASCP

We are in 11i and planning to move R12
MRP is sufficient for us but we need to do the capacity planning.

I am using...

I am using DRP in R12, I have found a interest thing that if I delete a Bill of distribution of an purchased item then DRP will not capture this item in supply demand , even the item itself will not be captured in MRP_SYSTEM_ITEMS, anyone have ever met this or is this a standard function of DRP?Thanks

What settings do we...

What settings do we need to have ASCP ignore past due Forecasts?

Thank you

How can I do...

How can I do SOP in Oracle R12

Which modules needs to be implemented to have a good SOP, MPS and MRP.


MRP setup


Hello Every body Plz give me correct information about ASCP.In my organization we are using only Inventory&Purchasing.What is setup part let me know.Please give me valuable information.

calculation in ASCP when fore cast is loaded

How to calculate ASCP ---> Fore cast ---> 100 --> planned order ---> ? ---> planned order Demand-->? ---> Sales order -->25 ---> on hand -->25 ---> open work order -->10 ---> safety Stock --> 5 pls give the calculation

Planned Order is coming with (Forecast + sales order)

Planned Order is coming with (Forecast + sales order) , Because of this a huge planned order is shown Forecast 100 Sales order 50 system is launching plan like this planned order demand 150 Planned Order - 150 Pls help me

What is Planned order demand

Is planned order demand is same as the net quantity in bills of material?

How the CRP works in MRP/MPS planning

Hi Iam a starter for planning module , but dont know how to define and use the CRP in MPS/MRP planning cycle .

MPS plan contains the more items when compare to MDS items list

After loading the mps from mds ,in between mds is loaded from the forecast ignoring the sales order. But after loading the mps with mds there are different items exist in list of the mps along with the item present in the mds . Im unable to track how the extra items are added to the list of items in mps plan . what can be the possible reasons..

Schedule Due date not in sync with Schedule Ship Date

Schedule Due date is coming greater than Schedule Ship Date in ASCP recomendation

planned order vs firm planned order

I promides PLO's at intervals based on demand and planned supply of components and eventually they plan the demand outside of lead. I see today somehow someone has firm planned(FPO) my PLO. What is the advantage of doing this Thank you

View RCCP error

I am getting the below error message while trying to view the RCCP

An error has occurred while invoking the CRP Inquiry manager with the following error message:


Please contact your Oracle representative


Firm check box should not select automatically after launching the MPS/MRP

HI friend when we launch the mps , that obvious that the planned orders are created with the firm check box enabled automatically but it should not happen automatically , how i can acheive it.


what is the difference between these two ? Are both same ? which one is normally used for master production schedule ?

what is the meaning of

What are the status rescheduled in ,rescheduled out and cancel status in planning process

ASCP planned order demand is not calculated

I have run the plan 'Plan1' for item 'A' 100 qty, which is already having a pending batch 'batch1' of 100 qty. batch is having ingredient ING1 of 50 qty So In planning workbench I got Item Order_type qty Order_no A forecast 100 none A Work order 100 Batch1 Ing1 Work order demand 50 Batch1 Ing1 Planned Order 50 PO1 Now I have cancelled batch 'Batch1' and run same plan It will generate Planned order of 100, But no ingredient demand is calculated Item Order_type qty Order_no A forecast 100 none A Planned Order 100 XXX Can you tell me why this is happening ? is any setup missing ? Thanks Priyanka( )

planning time fence

Hi friends I have define a Item A in inv with planning time fence control user defined with 20 days , let us consider today date is ( jun 14 2012) there is a demand for the item on ( jun 24 2012 ) , there is no on handqty for this item . According to the oracle document its clear that for the item in the planning time fence , plannning will not resudule in or create planned orders . But how the planning can meet that demand . Please reply asap. Thanks in advance

What is the effect of the MRP

What is the effect of the MRP planning on Subtitute components that we mention in the BOM Hi users, let me consider a FG item A , contains BOM R1 , R2, R3 ( R4 subtitute of R3) , when i run the oracle mps/mrp planning for Item A , how the planning manager will show the effect on the subtitute item ( R4 here). Thanks in advance.

How Planned order is calculated

How Planned order is calculated for forecast and demand in multiple weeks? We have MPS planning. Planned order pegging indicates it is for forecast and sales orders between 25 Jun to 16 July. There are other planned orders for the same SKU and org for other dates. Question is, what governs grouping of demand/forecast to suggest a planned order??

UG on Oracle Demantra

Hi, Nice articles on various EBS modules. Please let me know if you have any knowledge documents on Oracle Demantra. Thanks, KB

stop MRP recommendation for B2B orders

is there a link for B2B SO and B2B PO for MRP? and how to stop MRP recommendation for B2B orders currently implementing MRP ...but we have specific requirement that for some items if required- we will be generating B2B SO and PO, MRP should not recommand for such cases or should not consider these B2B supply/demand for other demend.. how to handle this scenario in MRP planning?

Work Order demand not appearing in ASCP work bench

Hi, I have a component that is part of Work Order. This Work Order number is appearing in ASCP collections. But not appearing ASCP work bench. Please let me know the reason

MRP considering total lead time

MRP considering total lead time for sugg. due date and not the dock date(pre-processing& processing) for PO due date the MRP plan is referring to SO schedule ship date and try to match the SO ship date -- and recommanding the PO to be re-schedule to a date similar to SO Ship date. This is wrong. We have other activity in our warehouse after we have the item in inventory. MRP should take only Pre-processing and Processing lead time and plan the order. Expectation of the MRP recommandation (which is not happening now) For example Item have lead time lilke Pre-processing time: 2 (processing PO) Processing time: 3 ( Maufacture at supplier end) Post processing time: 5( inspection in our warehouse and documentation) We need to use MRP to plan for Supplier's promise ( ie) Pre-processing and Processing lead time excluding post processing time Let's say today's date as 9-Sep-2012 SO booked to be scheduled to be shiped to customer by 19-sep-2012( 10 days of lead time to make the item ready for customer shipment) while MRP recommand , the expectation we have is Sugg due date should be 14th Sep (2+3) --> Pre-processing and Processing lead time total..this can be handled by manually copying the sugg dock date in the implement date before releasing planned order and next time.. MRP recommands...,it should not ask to re-schedule the PO which is having the promise date as 14th Sep and also it should not plan for the SO who ship date is 19th Sep ... as we have satisifed this demand with this PO.

Pegging issue

Pegging information has not been calculated for XXX10000 in this plan. The pegging is set as End Assembly / Soft Pegging in item master level as well as in organization level. Please let me know if any one has seen this kind of issue.

cannot see plan name

cannot see plan name in ASCP workbench..If I copy from an existing plan then the plan name is visible in work bench but if i create it from scratch then I cant see the name in work bench

Continous Collections

Continous collection program is getting erred out with below error message 09-OCT 21:00:11 : Staging tables' data is not collected. Please submit the request - Planning ODS LOAD. I tried to run the standard collection program but that also got erred out with the same message. Both these program 'er running sucessfully till y day. What could be the reason

Material Constraint Plan

How do we define materail constraint in ASCP. I can see only two options resource constraint & supplier capacity constraint. where is the option for material constraint ???

ASCP/generate move order

hi, I have a question about ascp,why can't generate a move order? I have done the shipping network\sourcing rule\souring assignments.(pic) run ascp but have no a move order,how to generate move order from QF2 to QFI?(4000) thanks!

Unable see a Plan under one Org

Hi All, We have existing plan - GMSPlan for one item in org PRT, Now we have created new BOD for org- PBW, I am unable to see this GMSPlan under PBW org. Please help me what to do. Thanks Jp

Distribution Requirements Planning

How do you run DRP versus ASCP

Made changes to ASCP Plan

Hi All, I have made changes in BOD (shipping method) and Plan options as well. Do I need to re-launch the plan. If I relaunch the plan will there be any impact. Kindly let me know, as the issue is escalated. Request you to respond at the earliest. Thank you, Jayaprakash

New plan created recently is not showing demand

Hi Team, Greetings, Recently we have created a new plan. Which is not showing demand. I request you to suggest a solution to come out of the issue. Before creating this new plan, it was working for other plans normally. As the issue needs to be resolved on high priority basis. I request you to respond ASAP. Thanks in advance. With regards, Jayaprakash.

Forecast for product family

Forecast for product family is not working. Below is the what I have done 1. Created a product family 2. Assigned items to the PF with 50%, 25%, 25% 3. Create a new forecast set, forecast for the PF. 4. A new forecast for family members. 5. When I copy the forecast of PF to Family member forecast I expected the explosion to happen and see the member forecast values but what I see is the PF forecast amounts. Any help is appreciated as its really urgent.

WO with out Forecast / Sales order

If I create a WO for an assembly with out a sales order/ forecast then what MRP ‘ll suggest for the sub-assemblies & buy items used for that assembly.

auto consumption of closed sales order

Why oracle consume the closed sales order & how can we prevent it ??