1 OU in 2 LE's

In 11i each OU is attached with a LE but the same is not true in R12.
Why so???
I am a bit confused about the oranization structure.
What is the reason behind not assigning a legal entity to an OU.
What business purpose it serves

Bank setupI am...

Bank setup

I am not finding a new legal entity that i have created in bank baranch account lov.
The country of both the LE and bnak is same.
I can see vision op legal entity (its a vision instance) but the newly created LE is not avaialble

Assalamalaikum WaRahmatullahiWa BarakatuhuDear...

Assalamalaikum WaRahmatullahiWa Barakatuhu

I am working R12i, we daily prepare appx 70 checks payment, i have prolbem at time of cancelled.

i create payment dt 25-Jan-2010 and issued, after 2 month checks return supose dt: 30-Mar-2010 due some cases and said that cancelled it, what is working arroud of this case. 
suppose i cancelled it same date like 25-Jan-2010, the check out from our checks outstanding list. 
Suppose i cancelled it retrun date like 30-Mar-2010, our liability account ceate both month with check amount. 

Please give solution 

Muhammad zubair  

Mass allocation is completing...

Mass allocation is completing with error.

I am trying to test the functionality of mass allocation but the validation is failing with status error.
There is no error description in the log file

In our environment, GL...

In our environment, GL has been setup. I want to see the primary ledger for a legal entity, but could find the navigation path /responsibility. Please advice.


Does the depreciation module...

Does the depreciation module in Oracle allow for short period depreciation for a previous closed period?

In my case I am looking for short period depreciation for the period of January 1, 2010 through June 30, 2010 and short period depreciation for July 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010. There appears to be a limitation on short period depreciation if the second short period has already started without flagging the "short period assets".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

HelloI have a...


I have a client's initial balance sheet and income statement and we are going to LIVE,i am confusing what account head which i have to load through JOURNAL?because TRIAL BALANCE consist of income statement item(sale purchase expense) .these account balances will also be loaded or not on go live date?If these heads(income statement items) are not loaded on initial so how profit/loss will be added in balance sheet(in which account)?

I have already loaded opening balances of customer invoices and payables invoices and inventory balances through Misc transaction in subsidiary ledger

In opening inventory balances(DEBIT material CREDIT inventory AP accrual) but my initial balance sheet is showing ending inventory so we will adjust credit balances account INVENTORY AP ACCRUAL?


Hi,can we use...

can we use foriegn Currency in Recurring Journals? We can see only functional and STAT currency in the Currency LOV while creating the Recurring.

Please reply me


 by Abdul Hameed - 05/29/2011 - 14:20

hellowe suppose that...

hello we suppose that we have 10 fsg statements, and i wan't to give to a user "A" 3 of them and user "B" the rest, and no one of them can see the fsg program of the other. how can i proceed. thank you so much

Assets Added through Quick...

Assets Added through Quick Additions does not contain source line information. Source line showing the invoice details but no value and transfer button is greyed out. Due to this the asset source lines cannot be transferred. Could you please update what would be best solution to this.

Hello, just wanted to...

Hello, just wanted to ask if we needed to load Open AR and Open AP to Oracle R12 if we're from Manual Accounting System? and at the same time create journal entry for Balance Sheet account as my beginning balance... what if Open Ar and Open AP plus balance sheet account AR /AP in GL accummulate if I posted both batches? -aap_superbusy

Hello, just wanted to...

Hello, just wanted to ask if we needed to load Open AR and Open AP to Oracle R12 if we're from Manual Accounting System? and at the same time create journal entry for Balance Sheet account as my beginning balance... what if Open Ar and Open AP plus balance sheet account AR /AP in GL accummulate if I posted both batches? -aap_superbusy

No Tax book is...

No Tax book is available in parameter for the program  Initial Mass Copy

What can be the reason

Not able to acess...

Not able to acess i expnese

While trying to acess the site I am getting below error

iExpense User US is not a valid responsibility for the current user. Please contact your System Administrator.

the MO: Operating
HR: Business Group

all setups are complete.

ANy help plz...its really urgent

i expense approve is...

i expense approve is not defaulting for few users

We have around 200 users. The approver in iexpnse report defaults for 180 users but it doesnt for few users.
All the setups are same for all the users.
I have run security list maintain program few times but it that didnt help

Has any one faced this problem before

GL Open period program...

GL Open period program is completing with below error message

gloire - Performing action >> Ret CCID which failed validation exists. Proceed...

It’s not opening the next period either
There have been no recent changes to the system in last 3-4 months. No new patch no new custom program. We opened period till Mar12 w/o any issue but the April is throwing this error.
The calendar is defined till year 2016.

FSG in ExcelI...

FSG in Excel

I have prepared an FSG in spreadsheet mode but its coming out with out any deliminator like , |..

how can i convert this to an excel.

I tried tex to column in excel but the data are not getting correctly converted


What happens if your...

What happens if your budget organization is deleted? Can you just re-create it as it was? What are the ramifications?

Hi,The below question...

Hi, The below question is regarding MOAC. 1. A&B are 2 users. A is super user, B is user only. 2. these 2 users are working in 4 operating units. A is working on K, L operating units and B is working on X, Y Operating units. A need to review B's transactions because he is a superuser; so he need view access only. A need access K, L view, edit access and for X,Y operating units he need view access only B is a user so he need to access X, Y operating units only. How can we do this through MOAC (Multi Access Control).

Project CIP Cost

I need to send the project cost to Assets as a CIP Asset cost, not as a capital project, so that i will be able to track the CIP cost in the financial stamtments

Depriciation error

WHile running the deprciation the account generation process is failing with below message. This is a new books and accounts are almost same for all. Request ID: 156416108 Number of successes: 1190 Number of failures: 86 Module Generate Accounts ended with error

retained earnings in oracle 11i

How the retained earnings are calculated in oracle. Is it yearly or there is way to make it monthly. I know question of monthly might looks stupid but I want to know if it’s possible or not.

posting of journal entries

resposibility1 has access to one BS1 resposibility2 has access to one BS1 & BS2 The user with resposibility1 is able to post jounrnals both for BS1 & BS2 but we want the user with resposibility1 should only be able to post jounrnals with BS1 how this can be achieved.

Capital Leases in Oracle Assets

Does Oracle Assets accommodate Capital Leases

Summarizing and Interfacing 1 activity to 1 asset

Good day I would like to summarize and interface 1 activity to 1 asset from Project Costing to Asset Management. The resource lines have multiple currencies and need to be converted to a single currency. In Asset Management the asset must be 1 line and should have the local currency and must be depreciating based on the In-Service Date. Thank you.

Reverse allocation from parent to single account combination

Is there anyway to take a do a reverse allocation. I want to take a group of accounts and target 1 single account (constant) and thereby the offset would be the group of accounts (looping).

summery account and account generator

Dear all, Would you send me a document for summery account and account generator concept? and i need steps for,how to map accounts?

Oracle Project management

Dear Gurus, I am having facing problem, when i do Change order to My Revenue Budget Its not automatically updating to Funding?

Project Numbering

Oracle Porject Numbering is set to Automatic at this moment. There is one Operating Unit (OU1) for which Project is being used. The Business plans to intorduce another operating unit (OU2) where the Project will be used. The plan is to migrate the projects from OU1 to OU2 and maintain the same Project numbers of the existing projects of OU1 in OU2. Can this be implemented under two scenarios: where OU1 and OU2 are part of same Business Group and where they belong to different Business Groups in the same installation?

ADI Drilldown: No Account Ranges Were Found Found For this Amount

I am geting this error message when I try to use the analysis wizard from and FSG report in excel. This amount is formatted in the same manner as many other rows that do no have this problem.

Oracle EBS - Assets - Physical Inventory

We have a project which will implement a gui front end with an interface into the FA_INV_INTERFACE table. I have 3 questions.

First, the layout of the FA_INV_INTERFACE table we have in our instance does not match the published one in the 11.5.10 Assets User guide. Was there a patch that changed the layout?

Second, I inserted a row into the FA_INV_INTERFACE table for testing using an insert statement in sql developer and the row does not show up on the Inventory Entries form. How come?

My last question is when I launch the Inventory Entries form after I enter the Physical Inventory header information, there is a message on the bottom 'FRM-41051 You cannot create records here'.

Why not? Is there a system setting I need to flip? We have never used this functionality before.

balancing segments in COA

Can we have more than one balancing segment in a chart of account structure ???

Asset Accounting

Asset Accounting

Oracle Tax Books

Is it possible to do a mass upload of assets into Oracle tax books directly with out going through corporate books

Oracle Assets - External Mass Transfers

I'm looking for a screen shot of the OFA form 'Mass Transactions - External Transfers' with the data populated and the message saying the data saved. It is for a Bar Code integration project with OFA. I saved a screen shot of what I am trying to do. I need to insert a row into the FA_MASS_EXTERNAL_TRANSFERS from the online form, so I can see the row in the table and then do my own insert via SQL Developer. I am getting ORA-00972 error when I do the insert and I am trying to figure out why.


Hi i need a help in i- expns wrkflow & immideatly plz help me out



Fixed assets

Please explain fixed assets module of oracle financials. Pls give an over view of that

oracle ebs financials functional overview

Please give an functional overview of all modules in financials.

asset accounting

Can someone explain me the asset depreciation accounting entries?

How to import

How to import detail journals from Oracle Projects into Oracle GL I want to import detailed journal entries from Oracle Project into Oracle General ledger. Can't seem to find the correct option in the concurrent program

iexpense invoice supplier site

From where oracle picks the employee's supplier site. The imported invoices site is HOME but the employee has other sites... from where system is picking it as home

Detailed Untranslated events report

postin manager is throwing below error The consolidation name defined for the mu ltiple posting is not valid. Please enter a valid consolidation name. Name : Main Set of Books : 0 Its urgent as I need to close the period. Any pointer 'll be appreciated.

Genearl Ledger

Hi, Can you please let me know how to setup the Journal approval process dfor a single SOB. Because when i enabling the jouranl sorces like Payables,receivales these are get affecting n global level that means for all SOB's. Thanks

"Baseline Funding" button not getting enabled

Why the "Baseline Funding" button is not getting enabled in the "Funding Enquiry" form in the Project Billing responsibility,for the tasks which i've allocated through the "Funding" button in "Agreement" form in Project Billing responsibility

Post mass addition error

I am getting below error in  Mass Additions Posting Execution Report

Error: function fa_massadd_pkg.do_mass_addition returned failure
Invalid value AMORTIZED passed as parameter TRANSACTION_SUBTYPE
Error: function fa_addition_pvt.initialize returned failure
Invalid value NULL passed as parameter AMORTIZATION_START_DATE
Error: function fa_addition_pvt.initialize returned failure
Error: function fa_addition_pvt.initialize returned failure
Error: function fa_addition_pub.do_addition returned failure
Mass Addition ID: 27201 ==> ** FAILED **

I searched in meta link & found below details

Post Mass Addition (FAMAPT) is Failing with Error 'Invalid value NULL passed as parameter AMORTIZATION_START_DATE' [ID 311904.1]

amortize_flag is set to YES but 'amortization_start_date' is not populated

I updated FA_MASS_ADDITIONS and  made AMORTIZE_FLAG=NULL for all the rows but I am still getting the same error

How can fund accounting balane by fund and location segment within GL

We use fund accounting, which is a segment and our balancing segment. we would also like to balance by location..what is best way to accomplish?

Resource rate updation

Is there a way to update the resource rate and the overhead rate from the GL accounts?

Thailand Localization

Good evening friends, Any of you have some documentation of the location settings of Thailand in R12.1.3 Many thanks for your help Best Regards Tom

Error APP-SQLLAP-10007 when I create an AP Invoice

Hello Friends, Has anyone had the following error in R12 can support me in how to fix it? APP-SQLLAP-10007: The date you entered is beyond the latest open encumbrance year, Update the latest Encumbrance year or contact system administrator. I had open the period in payables and open in gl periods the emcumbrande period but have the same error Thanks a lot by your help Regards Tom

cross currency journals

Interview question : What is the use of a cross currency jounral ? Any ans plz


Can I create receipts (both miscellaneous and standard) with out doing Receipt Class setup.

Project - burdened cost

Please let me know what is the amount I find the field BURDENED_COST in table PA_COST_DISTRIBUTION_LINES_ALL. How do I use this amounts when mapping to AR and AP invoices? Thank you for your help. Mauricio Imana

can Oracle iExpense be used from iphon?

We have a requirement for use to use Oracle iexpense from iphones? Anyone has an idea how to do this?

Oracle Financials

Hi, If my previous accounting period is open, Can I still restrict the end users from using dates from previous period while they enter the data? Thanks

Segments window

Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of the security enabled checkbox on the segments window while defining KFF?

Fixed Asset

What type of items are converted to fixed assets - Inventory asset or Inventory Expense

budget formula

meaning of budget formula in general ledger

what is isupplier in oracle r12 and the steps to define it?

Hi Team, Currently we are working on the Oracle implementation on one of our client. I want to know that what is isupplier And from where we have to start this module? Some searching on Google suggest that it is defined as responsibility to INTERNAL USER (which is unclear to whom they are saying internal user), and the other searching on Google suggest to define a new user and then assign responsibilities as iSupplier Portal Full Access and iSupplier Portal Internal View,respectively to the new user. Kindly help me to solve my confusion. Thanks, Yumna.