Oracle Content Manager

Oracle Content Manager (OCM) is a key component of the Sales, Marketing and E-Commerce applications. It enables content to be stored and managed in a central repository, thereby forming a single source of truth for accurate and consistent content.

In OCM, a content is a structured data that is managed through a lifecycle that includes creating, approving, translating, and publishing. A content can be a text file, an image, an audio, or a video file. For example, a product manager could describe the product's functionality in a text field. To market the product, a marketing person can create an attractive video file using the same product description. To ensure that they both access the same content, it must be available in a central repository.

OCM integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite and enables seamless transition of content to and from Oracle E-Business Suite applications. Integration also facilitates single user sign-on to associate content (product images, white papers, and
newsletters) with any E-Business Objects (store sections, inventory products, and marketing campaigns).

Relationship Between OCM Objects

Below figure illustrates the relationship between different objects in OCM.

■ Each content item has one and only one content type. However, within each content type, there may be nested content types. Such nested content types are called as compound content types.
■ Content items may have many associations, that is, they can be linked to other CRM objects such as marketing campaigns and schedules, or inventory items.
■ Content items can be published in multiple categories in the library, but may reside in only one folder.
■ Each content item can have many versions and each version can have many languages associated with it.
■ There can be many stylesheets associated with one content type.

Oracle Content Manager Integrations

As a core component of the Oracle Sales, Marketing, and E-commerce applications, the strength of OCM lies in its integration with the different E-Business applications. These integrations ensure a smooth flow of content across the
enterprise. The following Oracle applications integrate with Oracle Content Manager:
■ Oracle iStore
■ Oracle Partner Management
■ Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment
■ Oracle Marketing
■ Advanced Services Online
■ Oracle Proposals

Oracle iStore
Oracle iStore is an E-commerce application that enables companies to build and manage global Internet storefronts, which can be personalized.
Integrating with OCM, the Oracle iStore merchants can access all the features of OCM and also:
  • Manage content in global stores by keeping the content separate between content owners and store administrators.
  • Preview content from the context of the store.
  • Ensure brand consistency across all sites.