ERROR while opening i expense

.... is not a valid responsibility for the current user ???
why this error is coming
An employee is attached with the given user

Recoverable Tax in R12

I am new to e - TAX and trying to understand how it works
I did the below tax setups

1. One Tax Regime - TRG01
2.  One Tax - TRG01.TAX01
3. There is one recoverable TAX say TRG01.TAX01.TR01 attached with above two - 50%
4. One Tax Status -  TRG01.TAX01.TS01
5. One Rate -  TRG01.TAX01.TS01.TR01 - 30%

When I create an invoice of amount 100
My expectatiosn are
Line : 100
Tax:      30
Reco Tax: 15
Total Tax amount = 100 + 30  - 15 = 115
But I am getting the amount as 130
and only one tax line is shown in TAX details...there is no entry for tax recovery..

Can any one tell me what I have missed

How to track assets...

How to track assets in FA with serial numbers

Hello Everyone,

Is it possible to track assets in FA with serial numbers defined in Inventory. we have defined serial control item in inventory, created PO for that item received items in inventory matched that PO in payables against receipts. we are not able to find serials numbers on invoice lines. 
Is this standard functionality.

Thanks in advance.

Not able to enable...

Not able to enable a supplier site for 'Pay On Invoice'

Getting the below error

Error while saving Saving :Vendor Site Name XXXX: Vendor site id :8873. Error : PAY_ON_CODE and PAY_ON_RECEIPT_SUMMARY_CODE do not match Pay on Receipt Summary Code is invalid






Payment cancelled problems. Assalamalaikum...

Payment cancelled problems.

Assalamalaikum WaRahmatullahiWa Barakatuhu

I am working R12i, we daily prepare appx 70 checks payment, i have prolbem at time of cancelled.

i create payment dt 25-Jan-2010 and issued, after 2 month checks return supose dt: 30-Mar-2010 due some cases and said that cancelled it, what is working arroud of this case.
suppose i cancelled it same date like 25-Jan-2010, the check out from our checks outstanding list.
Suppose i cancelled it retrun date like 30-Mar-2010, our liability account ceate both month with check amount.

Please give solution

Muhammad zubair 

Bank Charges Entry...Hi...

Bank Charges Entry...

Hi All,

This is regarding the payment and receipt voucher, where in most time bank charges and interest entry need to be done at the time of payment and receipt.
Currently in case of AP user has to put the bank charges and ineterest entry seperately through the AR module.
Since there is no provsion to enter the bank charges and interest entry in a same bank payment voucher.

Similarly in case of AR transaction bank charges and interest entry are entered later after entering the receipt transaction.

As per my understanding there must be some procedure where in you can enter any charges along with the payment or receipt voucher.
Please let me know the same.

Currently user is entering in below manner.

1 ) Creditor 100 dr
Bank 100 cr

2) Bank Charges 10 dr
Bank ----- 10 cr

Required entry in one voucher
Creditor ------ 100 dr
Bank Charges ----- 10 dr
Bank ---------- 110 cr

version is, Please help in this regard, is this possible or not.


Hi AllWhat is...

Hi All

What is the process of reconcilling the Open account Balance listing report to GL Trail Balance Report


Double Invoicing one GRN !!...

Double Invoicing one GRN !!

i am working in R12i, we do 3 way matching process at time of invoicing, i ask you we want lock GRN when he completed matched to invoice, becasue the store depart wrongly attached previouse GRN with new bill when i have paid, and user create invoice previouse GRN ,even the qty is 0 but user enter manually qty and match. i ask you there is any function to reduce mistake and the system not show po and GRN which qty have been fully match

Module :I expense..In...

Module :I expense..In the table AP_CREDIT_CARD_TRXNS_ALL there is  a column COMPANY_PREPAID_INVOICE_ID...Can someone throw aome light on this....

Thank u...

Hi Folks,We have...

Hi Folks,

We have following requirement  related Ebusiness tax setup for Payables.

We are implementing Oracle Financials alone, so no PO and INV,

we need a tax calculation base on Brand and supplier  and geography these are the determing factors to calculate VAT.

VAT % are as follow 22%, 7% and 0%.

so please suggest me the correct tax rules setup.

HiWe want to...


We want to merge two company oracle application what is the process


Can u explain





Ganesh Ratnaparkhi

New Distribution Filed: Hi,...

New Distribution Filed: Hi, I want to add New Distribution Field in Payables module to Capture the Expense Period for any transaction.
This field data type should be "mmm-yy" and this field should not be mandatory.

Please help.

How to purge inactive...

How to purge inactive suppliers from payables??

Are there constraints like items in inventory?

HiI am unable...


I am unable to Create WTH Tax in R12.Please Suggest the Setup to Calculate the Withholding taxes .


HiI have UAT...


I have UAT lined up and this is quite a task.
I am working with payables wherein we require AME for non po invoice approval.
All the payables set up is in place.The real transaction for AME is working fine however in oracle nohing happens after I initiate approval from actions button.No approval Invoice history getting updated.I am all stuck the AME rules are simple with invoice amount as attribute and an amount condition with 2 supervisory approval.
Nothing is happening and no workflow is getting generated hence no notification nothing happens after invoice status changes to 'initiated'.

Plz help & assist. Regards

 Limit of 1 Supplier...

 Limit of 1 Supplier Email Address at Supplier Site.

On the Oracle Supplier setting, under the Address book, there is a field for inserting an e-mail address. On the old version, we were able to enter more than one with a space between the addresses. After the upgrade, we can enter only one e-amail address.We need to be able to enter multiple addresses.

how we can achieve this functionality in R12 version.


hi,I've got some &...

I've got some "Fatal Error" status for some payments, appear in the "Payables Accounting Process Report", do anyone have an idea about the reason behind?, and how to debug/trace the reason, and how to resolve this error?


 how to release...

 how to release hold(line variance) from invoice.........

Pleae let me know...

Pleae let me know the Accounting Entries for AP,Iexpense and Purchasing

Journal Entry CreationJournal...

Journal Entry Creation

Journal Entry Creation process is not creating the cash to cash claering accounting entries

The invoice is accounted and paid.
The payment is accounted and printed
In CM the payment is cleared

what else needs to be done ???? Plz help

Hi I am pavan...

Hi I am pavan kumar, Can you please tell me where the non recoverable tax account(In to the invoice distributions) gets defaulted. Thanks in aqdvance.

Hi I am pavan...

Hi I am pavan kumar, Can you please tell me where the non recoverable tax account(In to the invoice distributions) gets defaulted. Thanks in aqdvance.

invoices for which already...

invoices for which already payments are made but once again showing the payment work bench.

can an employee supplier...

can an employee supplier been assigned for one user only. that is a user can select only particular employee supllier to record an expenses report

can anyone pls explain...

can anyone pls explain me the below concept?

A Prepayment has been fully applied to the invoice.
The Prepayment distribution has 1Item line, 1Tax line and 1Miscellaneous type line.

In this case, how will the Miscellaneous type line be applied to the Standard invoice?


Invoice with hold (insufficient...

Invoice with hold (insufficient fund - reason) was cancelled. System fails to account; exception given "insufficient fund". How to correct?

Hi,Nice article, i...


Nice article, i want to customize payment formats program in 11i. Where I could define the directory for file creation.


HiAn invoice...


An invoice is rejected in AP Interface with "Miscellaneous Tolerance" hold. Can anyone pls explain the oracle form in which the tolerance limit is defined for miscellaneous items and how this hold can be released from the invoice?

"Miscellaneous tolerance"...

"Miscellaneous tolerance" hold on invoice.


An invoice is on Miscellaneous Tolerance hold.Can anyone pls explain the concept of Miscellaneous tolerance and how the hold could be released.

Cannot enable document category...

Cannot enable document category over ride in AP options for invoices. getting the below error message FRm-40200:Field is protected against update Please find attached the screenshot any help please

I Want How do...

I Want How do Month end Process in payables.Like that what type of programs required .


if the invoice stuck in interface while upload in oracle how to slove that?

account payable trail balence problem

an invoice was booked in 'X' month and payment for the same has been done in 'y' month.when i am running account payable trail balence for 'X' month i can not see that transaction in that report But when i am running trail balence report for 'Y'month i can see that transaction . how can i resolve this

Paid invoices are showing...

Paid invoices are showing in AP trial balance report as unpaid

Liability amount for expenses

We have a requirement where we want to see the liability amounts against asset & expense items at the end of the month. We procure expense/asset items from same suppliers but from two different systems – oracle for expense items & legacy for inventory items as our distribution & mfg is still in legacy. The AP & GL are in oracle only but invoices related to inventory items are created & transferred to oracle so the idea is to reconcile the liability in oracle AP, legacy AP & oracle GL.

Employee As Suppliers

Is there a way that any employee created in HRMS can also be automatically created as a supplier in Payables to process his payments.

what would cause unaccounted transactions in AP

we made a payment, but it is sitting on the sweep report with the exception if "Unaccounted". how do you find out which invoices or payment lines are affected without having to go through hundred of invoice lines

Cancel invoice

We booked a invoice in accounts payable module with match receipt option. Now we want to cancel the invoice, but the system show that "APP-SQLAP-97150; you cannot cancel this invoice because the cancellation would reduce quantity or amount billed for one or more purchase order to be less than zero.

AP invoice liability

how can I enter the liability of an invoice before mathching an invoice to a PO

AP Period Close Exceptions Report

AP Period Close Exceptions Report is showing below message Future Dated Payments Requiring Maturity Event and Accounting how to rectify it. Quick helpmplease

Changing agreement amount

How to change the agreement amount if its negative in the agreement screen of Oracle Apps

To insert taxes in oracle payable

I made a purchase order with 3 way matching for material and insert taxes. Then we create receipt for this purchase order. Now We booked a invoice for this purchase order & matched the receipts. on matching the system auto run the program "to insert tax distribution" & completed normally. But the taxes not inserted in invoice. Please suggest...

cancelled invoice tds reflects in tds report


Few Operating units only showing not all in Supplier form

After creation of supplier site address we need assign that site for specific OUs,At the time only few of Operating units showing not all.Befor it is showing all but now iam facing problem. kindly give me solution on this.

Supplier list access

How can we restrict users viewing the supplier list at invoice level in multi org environment? How can we restrict one organisation users from viewing other organisations suppliers?

Unable to select inventory org

hi, i am aunable to view the inventory organisation created for new operating unit. in financial options screen. What could be the reason?

Cash Account


Update accounting entries - Accounting Status Error

2 invoice is not able to transfer to GL

Cant close AP period

Even after sweeping the period exception I am not able to close the period. System is showing you cant close the period exception exists.

Check Digit Validation

How can we diable Check Digit Validation for banks

AP Invoice for Inter company transaction

The Payables Open Interface Import program is creating additional tax line in a multiple lines scenario. scenario #1:Single line item AR Invoice {single line trx) Dr. Receivables 180 Cr. Revenue 150 Cr. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] AP Invoice {single line trx) Dr. Purchases 150 DR. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] Cr. Payables 180 ------------------------ scenario #2:Multiple line item AR Invoice {multi 2 line trx) Dr. Receivables 180 Cr. Revenue 100 Cr. Revenue 50 Cr. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] AP Invoice {multi 2 line trx) Dr. Purchases 100 Dr. Purchases 50 Dr. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] Dr. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] Cr. Payables 210 Extra tax line added [error] ------------------------ scenario #3:Multiple line item AR Invoice {multi 3 line trx) Dr. Receivables 180 Cr. Revenue 100 Cr. Revenue 30 Cr. Revenue 20 Cr. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] AP Invoice {multi 3 line trx) Dr. Purchases 100 Dr. Purchases 30 Dr. Purchases 20 Dr. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] Dr. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] Dr. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] Cr. Payables 240 Extra 2 tax line added [error] ------------------------ Problem: Payables Open Interface program creates extra tax line for each additional line item inherited from Receivables. ------------------------ scenario #4:Multiple line item AR Invoice {multi 4 line trx) Dr. Receivables 180 Cr. Revenue 60 Cr. Revenue 40 Cr. Revenue 30 Cr. Revenue 20 Cr. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] AP Invoice {multi 4 line trx) Dr. Purchases 60 Dr. Purchases 40 Dr. Purchases 30 Dr. Purchases 20 Dr. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] Dr. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] Dr. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] Dr. Tax 30 [20% tax rate] Cr. Payables 270 Extra 3 tax line added [error] ----------------------- The Total AR Invoice amount is constant at 180, while Total AP Invoice is incremental with additional tax line for each additional intercompany line transaction. Please, what could be the cause? Bug in Payables Open Interface Import program or configuration settings in AGIS? Please I would appreciate your quick assistance. Thanking you in anticipation of your help. Jimi Akinola +447527 260 073

check digit validation

Hi Is it possible to setup the system so that it doesnt validate the check digit for French banks. Thanks

AP invoice entry screen new invoice button not able to view

Try to create AP invoice selected Entry it brings search screen instead of invoice entry screen.

Employee Submit an Expense Claim in iExpenses

How does an Employee submit an Expense Claim in iExpenses? How does Expense Claim submitted get approved by manager? How does Expense Claim submitted get approved by payables? How does Expense Claim submitted get auto approved?

Employee Submit an Expense Claim in iExpenses

How does an Employee submit an Expense Claim in iExpenses? How does Expense Claim submitted get approved by manager? How does Expense Claim submitted get approved by payables? How does Expense Claim submitted get auto approved?

Service Tax

Service Tax

Manual Payment Post To GL Cash Account

I been having an issue with Manual Payment its not posting to cash account instead it goes to a/p clearing account. Once the manual payment has been process and save is thre another step that I need to follow in-order for the payment post to the cash gl account.


I cannot validate/approve an AP invoice due to: 88 items invoiced @ $37.41 each = $ 3292.08 The Purchasing Manager GOODS RECEIVED a qty of 88. The Purchasing Manager later REJECTED a qty of 4. The GOODS RECEIVED qty has now changed to a qty of 84 in the 'match to purchase orders' window. I have now received CREDIT MEMO from the supplier for the 4 rejected items (4 @ $37.41 each = $(149.64) How can I validate/approve the original invoice if the QTY RECEIVED does not equal the QUANTITY INVOICED?


Hi, In accounts payables we define user holds. is it specific to the OU or it is across OU. Kindly clarify my doubt thanks

Matching multiple invoices

What is the best way to match multiple invoices to a single PO. Here is the business scenario We create a PO of $100 for Supplier A. Supplier A sends the material through DHL. After receiving the material we get two invoices – one from supplier & one from DHL. The business requirement is to match both the invoices ($100 from supplier & $20 from DHL) to the same PO. PO amount is only $100.

amounts of Creditors' Trial Balance and AP trial balance do not match

Requests for creditors' trial balance and accounts payable trial balance did not generate the same amounts for various vendors

Migrating Expense Report Template

is there a way to migrate expense report templates from one instance to another instance using fndload or any other methods. Please reply. Thanks,

How to find the Invoice ID from the AP front End?

How to find the Invoice ID from the AP front End by giving Invoice Number?

Unable to Validate the Invoices

Hi All, Could you please describe how to validate the invoices from never validate status to validate while run the import program Regards Rao

Unable to Validate the invoices while run the import program

Hi All, could you please guide me how change invoice status never validated to validate while i run the import program. Regards Rao

creating invoice matching to a receipt

what is the pros and cons of matching invoice to a receipt

Pls let me know...

Pls let me know the futuredated payment in Payables R12