Versioning is a method to capture changes and updates made to a transaction. Versioning is currently available for sales orders, quotes and Blanket Sales agreements. There is support for both manual versioning as well as automatic versioning.

Versioning includes the following:

  • Version Control: Capture of changes and updates made to Sales Orders, Quotes and Blanket Sales Agreements. This feature offers:
  1. Version generation
  2. Validation of version number
  3. Version history maintenance and comparison
  4. Searching prior versions
  5. Reasons and comments for versioning
  6. Tracking Clause versions in Blanket Sales Agreements
  7. API’s and Order Import: Versioning support for sales transactions created or updated from multiple modes
  •  Versions can be created, managed, viewed and compared, providing comprehensive information about a given transaction
  • Assists during the negotiation phase of a sales transaction by maintaining a history of the transaction cycle
Note: Price Lists and Modifiers are not versioned on a Blanket Sales Agreement.

Version Generation
Versioning is manual by default. If you want to enable automatic versioning, you must set up the appropriate processing constraints. For example, you can use validation templates to drive versioning by transaction type as a condition. By
using the processing constraints and workflow activity, you can determine when to increment the version and which statuses are available to version. For example, you can increment a version only when specific attributes of the transaction are changed/updated. You can increment the version number Versioning whenever there is a change in order quantity, payment terms, price list, required date, or other attributes.
You can link versioning control to workflow activities statuses. Version generation functionality includes:
■ Manual / Automatic option
■ Version number as a whole number and as separate field, following the document number
■ Update manually at any time, provided the setup allows amendment in a specific status
■ Option to retain the document number during the transition to a Sales Order
■ Specify the required conditions for automatic versioning

Version History
Version history maintenance is useful for reference and comparison. This is particularly true of quotes and Blanket Sale Agreements (BSAs) with a negotiation phase where the transaction document changes a number of times before it is approved. This may occur with complex products that are frequently redesigned to meet customer requirements, or with a loyal customer who negotiates for a long time for the best price with the promise of higher order quantities over an  extended period of time.
Versioning maintains the history of previous versions, when the active version is changed. However, one can use the previous versions as templates for creating new sales order, quotes or blanket sale agreements at any time with the copy feature. Version history maintenance and comparison enables:
■ Maintenance of transaction history of previous versions
■ Ability to amend the current version of the transaction
■ Tracking changes over a period of time and view those changes
■ Comparison of changes made to transactions across versions
■ Copy any version of a Quote to a Sales Order

Automatic versioning for partial sales order line split by sytem


We have setup a processing constraint to create a order version after booking, if sales order line get split. However this is working only for order line split done by the users directly on the sales order lines. In other words, if the sales order lines get split by the system due to partial shipment, the a new order version is not getting created.
What options are available to capture version history if the split is made by the sytem.