There are 5 reports that are mostly used in picking and shipping process.
1. Pick slip report – Generated after the end of pick release.
This is a standard report and is attached to a document set. The document set given in pick release tab of the shipping parameter gives the name of the customized report (if any) which runs automatically after pick release.

2. Bill of lading :
Bill of Lading and or Packing Slip for a delivery can be generated as part of a document set that can be run at the completion of ship confirmation, or the documents can be created individually from the document request menu. The
documents should also be generated automatically when you click Generate BOL and Create Packing List. A Delivery must meet the following prerequisites in order for a Bill of Lading to be created.

3. Packing Report:
 You can create a Packing Slip at any point in the shipping process providing a delivery has been created and a delivery line has been assigned to the delivery.

4. Excise Invoice(India Only):
As per the Excise rules, a document called 'Excise Invoice'  has to accompany the consignments to the customer. This
documents shows the details about the Excise duty levied;  like the Base Value, Applicable Abatement if any,Assessable
Value,Basic excise Duty, Education Cess, Secondary and  Higher Education cess, etc. at item level and as an  aggregated sum at the bottom of document. It also gives the excise chapter ID for each item and the Excise Duty rate applicable for that Chapter ID. The base value can be either the manufacturing cost of the goods or Maximum Retail Price as prescribed by Excise Rules, depending upon  the nature of goods sold.

5. Commercial Invoice:
Apart from the Excise Invoice, another document  called 'Commercial Invoice' also accompanies the  consignment. This document shows the commercial details of  the sale like Basic Price, Discounts/Mark-ups if any,  VAT/CST as applicable, Transport and Handling Charges, etc.  In short, the commercial terms as agreed between the Seller  and the Buyer. These values are shown at item level as well  as the aggregated sum at the end of the document. The sum  value of this document is taken for calculating the levies  like Octroi and for payments to the seller by the buyer.

Hi I have included Excise

Hi I have included Excise Invoice Number Generation program to Ship COnfirm Doc Sets, earlier there was no problem. Interface Trip Stop for that paticular SO will be fired and completed and then Excise Invoice program starts running and completes normal. But now, Interface Trip Stop is starting after Excise Invoice program and due to this the Invoice generation is not doing anything. Is there any solution for this?