Please explain me what...

Please explain me what is the use of count point and auto charge

I hope the following example

I hope the following example would clarify the auto charge and count point concepts

Suppose in a Routing, an items’ manufacturing process is as per below..
10- Assembly
20 -Cleaning
30- Labeling
40- Inspection
50- Packing ,Here 40, Inspection is an occasional operation, not always be done. & 20. Cleaning is always done but non-critical. Hence these are requested not to be done while performing “ Move transaction “ in-order to have less manual effort. How to designate this requirement?
Ans:In standard operation, 20. Cleaning – Disable “ Count Point” & Select “ Auto charge”. This will not default this particular operation in the move transaction. This way can skip that particular operation.
40. Inspection, Count point & Auto charge to be disabled. Hence whenever occasional need calls, Add this operation to the Job by Job/Schedule Operations.