System Parameters

Following options are available in new system parameter setup
1. Allow Multiple Payments
2. Item validation org - In OM we create orders in Operating unit level so in order to get the organization attriutes like Sales account and TAX code we use an item validation org.
3. Default Order Type

Show Discount Details On Invoice
This parameter determines whether the discount details are passed to Oracle Receivables for printing on an invoice. Default value is No. If you set this parameter to No, then Extended Amounts will includes discounts.

In Order Management, you have the option to send items and prices to Receivables net of any price adjustments or to send the list price and then send separate adjustment lines for each discount. This is controlled by the system parameter Show Discount Details on Invoice. If you choose to show discounts, they are sent as regular invoice lines to Receivables with a negative price, and are accounted for like the item to which they belong. The Description field for the discount lines is the name of the discount. This feature provides visibility to discounts for printing on invoices, but does not provide separate accounting for discounts.

System parameters

There was lot of system parameters, each need to be explained and R12 changes should be incorporated