Project Roles & Role Lists

Project roles are a part of the project-based security features that are used to control user access to project-level information. Project roles serve two purposes:

  • You use roles when you define project-based security.
You use project roles to define the relationship of users, who have been defined as project members, to projects. A project role provides a description of the user's relationship (for example, project manager) and grants view and/or update access to project information.
  • In Project Resource Management, you use roles to define default information about a team member role on a project, such as competencies, job information, and security. You create project roles to represent the typical team member roles needed for projects in your organization.

Oracle Projects comes seeded with a Project Manager role. To give a project Active status, you must define one team member as Project Manager on the project

Defining Project Roles

If you are using Project Resource Management, project roles are the templates for creating resource requirements. For each project role, you enter the default for competencies and job information for resource requirements created based on the role. Competencies and job levels are used for requirements search, and job groups and jobs drive forecasting.

To define a project role Navigate to the Roles window.

Enter the information shown on the following table.


Role Controls
You can also assign role controls to a role. You use role controls to define an additional dimension of security layering.

You can assign as many role controls to roles as necessary. For example, the control Allow as Scheduled Member indicates that you can schedule any person assigned to the role as their availability permits. You assign this control to any role that should be available for scheduling resources on projects. Because role assignments occur at the project level, you must, at a minimum, assign the role control Allow as Project Member to each role.

You use project roles to grant team members view access to project labor cost details. By default, a project team member can access all project-level information with the exception of labor cost details. To grant view access to labor cost details, you must select the Allow Labor Cost Query role control.

Role Lists
You use role lists to categorize your roles into logical groupings. Role lists enable enhances control and ease of use when you assign team members to a project.

For example, you may have a role list called Consulting to which all roles relating to consulting are assigned.

To add, modify, or delete role lists:

  • Navigate to the Role Lists window.
  • Specify the name, description, and effective dates for the role list.
  • Select the roles you want assigned to the role list.
  • Note: You cannot delete a role list after it has been associated with a project.

Is it possible to

Are there any setups to have only one active member for the roles in a project.

Like for Delivery Manager, I should have only once active user just like project manager.