5.3 Scheduling Asset Maintenance

Oracle Applications Fusion Cloud - Manufacturing

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Oracle Assets allows you to schedule repair and service events for your long–term capital assets, to help ensure you maintain your long–term assets in a timely manner. You can plan for maintenance to occur at appropriate times, such as seasonal downtime. You can also schedule maintenance to occur at specific intervals, for example, monthly. Using Oracle Assets to schedule your asset maintenance also allows you to record the maintenance history of assets, in addition to scheduling
future maintenance events.

To schedule asset maintenance:

1. Navigate to the Schedule Maintenance Events window.
2. Enter the Start Date and End Date.
3. Enter the depreciation book containing the assets for which maintenance will be scheduled.
4. Optionally enter additional selection criteria, such as asset numbers, date placed in service, and category.
5. Enter event information, such as the Event name and Description of the event.
6. Choose Run to schedule maintenance events.

To view maintenance schedules:

1. Navigate to the Maintenance Details window.
2. Query the asset for the maintenance event you want to view.
3. Optionally enter changes.
4. Save your work.

To purge maintenance schedules:
1. Navigate to the Purge Maintenance Schedules window.
2. Enter the selection criteria to select the maintenance schedules that need to be purged, such as Schedule ID, Asset Number, or Maintenance Date.
3. Choose Purge.

Type event name directly in the event field and save. Next time it will be shown in the LOV.

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